Troubleshooter – Comprehensive Machine Guide (Crafting Drones)

Troubleshooter - Comprehensive Machine Guide (Crafting Drones)
Troubleshooter - Comprehensive Machine Guide (Crafting Drones)

Guide to better understand how crafting drones work.

Crafting Drones Guide


Machines depend heavily on their equipment, and modules. Both need to be crafted. This means you will have to farm and buy materials to make equipment and modules. You can start crafting Drones as soon as you recruit Kylie. When you decide to craft a drone, you will have to choose the Frame, SP type, Operating System, and all of its equipment. The Frame and SP type cannot be changed after they are first made. Whenever you replace the machine’s equipment, the replaced piece of equipment will be lost.

For the most part, Machines cannot be healed. Some exceptions are Kylie’s support protocol, and anything the machine has that says it heals the machine. Kylie’s hacking protocol can cause Recognition Disruption (Confuse enemies and allies), Shutdown (cannot act, dodge, or block for 3 turns), or she can steal the robot, until the end of the mission. Shutdown can also be applied in an area using an EMP grenade.

Modules are masteries for machines. Modules use output instead of training points to determine what they can equip. They also have module slots and property limits for each type of module slot. They also have Module sets. These module sets can be see in RexEvil’s mastery set guide. Max output can be increased by certain pieces of equipment, OS type, modules, personal masteries, and they increase with level as well. Very little increases with level, and when they do increase, it isn’t by much. Hit chance, block chance, dodge chance, and the 2 ESP resistances you get from your SP type are the only other stats that increase each level.

Machines start out with their max fuel and they lose fuel for actions and at the beginning of their turns. The amount they lose per turn is based on their fuel consumption. Fuel can be recovered through some modules/module sets, Solar panels, and by using the fuel filling action of a EV charger or Gas Pump. When a machine has no fuel it will gain the debuff Fuel Exhaustion. Fuel Exhaustion prevents blocking, dodging, move abilities, attack abilities, support abilities, and heal abilities.

Machines have a durability that seems to be linked to Kylie’s Level. From what I can tell a machine’s max durability at creation is equal to 70 plus Kylie’s current level. You will lose 1 max durability each time the machine goes out of action. The machine will lose current durability based on the lowest percent HP it had during a mission. Current durability can be increased by going to the machine and pressing the repair button at bottom of the machines description page while between missions. This will cost some Vil to do. At certain durability thresholds, the machine may get a debuff or may not be able to be used. When below 20 durability the machine cannot be used. Between 20 and 40 durability, the machine will have massive damage. That causes the machine to get 60% less armor, resistance, Attack power, and ESP from equipped items. From 40 to 60 durability, the machine will have serious damage. This causes the machine to get 40% less armor, resistance, Attack power, and ESP from equipped items. From 60 to 80 the machine will have light damage. That causes the machine to get 20% less armor, resistance, Attack power, and ESP from equipped items. When above 80 the machine will have no debuff.

When a machine is made it will have a personal mastery starting with Performance Improvement or Compatibility Increment. These can only be obtained at creation (maybe could be changed after creation, but before 1st AI reinforcement, not sure). Each time you do AI reinforcement, you will get a choice of a few personal masteries, and they can be changed with some blueprints to one from a short list. As you level, you will also unlock the ability to craft new modules at every 1st, 8th, and 16th class level. These are based on the machine’s frame and SP type.

Building a Drone

First you will want to decide which frame you are going with each will give the machine 10 speed, a certain Maximum Loadage, various module slots, and some other stats like move distance and Maximum output. Maximum Loadage determines the maximum weight the machine can carry. If you go over this amount, you will not be able to make the machine. This will also determine which modules will be unlock at the 1st and 16th class level at each AI reinforcement.

Next will be the SP type of the machine. This will determine how the machine gets SP and what bonuses it gets per 5 SP. It also will give the machine an additional module slot. The SP type will determine which modules will be unlocked at each 8th class level for each AI reinforcement. The machine will also gain resistance to 2 different ESP types based on the SP type of the machine, and one will be high than the other.

The OS has a wide range of effects that can be changed between missions, as long as any bonuses lost won’t cause the machine to not be able to be built. Generally, you get an effect related to fuel and some additional effect(s).

All pieces of equipment will affect the machines fuel consumption, speed, and current weight. Some may get bonuses based on the Frame or SP type of the machine. Weapons will determine the ESP power, attack power, hit chance, crit chance, and crit damage. It will also give the machine it’s main attack and its SP attack. The Power Unit, unlike all other main parts, will give the machine Speed. The Armor will give the machine its max HP, Armor, and Resistance. The Driving device will give the machine its move distance. The sensor will determine the machine’s sight, night sight, hit chance, and crit chance. The fuel tank will determine the machine’s max fuel.

After crafting a machine, you can equip the modules Sub Attack Equipment or Sub Support Equipment. These will allow sub equipment to be equipped, but they still affect the machine’s Fuel consumption, Speed, and current weight. Sub Attack equipment will allow you to equip the attack aim device (hit chance) or attack reinforcement device (crit damage). Sub Support Equipment will allow you to equip sub armor (HP), Sub engine Havoc (Max Loadage and increased speed), Sub engine PhysX (Max Output and increased speed), Magnet coating (decreased damaged per tile away from attacker), Nano Skin (repair HP some % when below 50% HP 5 times in a mission), Solar Panel (regain fuel based of daytime and weather), and fuel tanks (you cannot pick the same type of fuel tank as the main fuel tank).




  • Hatred
  • Frenzy
  • Rage
  • Immortality
  • Passion
  • Excitement
  • Trance
  • Pre-heating
  • Turning Over a New Leaf
  • Scent
  • Fire Veil
  • Scourge
  • Blessings of earth
  • Regeneration
  • Liveliness
  • Furious Lightning Gale
  • Poisonous Gas
  • Venom Cloud


  • Confusion
  • Inferiority
  • Rampage
  • Bleeding
  • Severe Bleeding
  • Bruise
  • Severe Bruise
  • Corruption
  • Infection
  • Silence
  • Stun
  • Neurotoxin
  • Poison
  • Blind
  • Charm
  • Magic Backflow
  • Fear
  • Obedience
  • Contraction
  • Death
  • Surprise
  • Sleep
  • Hibernation
  • Bad Smell
  • Burn
  • Severe Burn
  • Wind chain
  • Starlight Prison


  • Swamp
  • Water
  • Polluted Water
  • Web
  • Icy Road
  • Lava


  • Knockback

Personal Masteries

Reinforcement Program

Driving Reinforcement
Increase speed by 20
Increase move distance by 1

Frame Reinforcement
Increase Frame module slots by 1 (Increase Frame property limit by 2)

Output Reinforcement
Increase max output by 6

Reinforcement management
Increase damage dealt by 4% per reinforcement program
Reduce damage taken by 4% per reinforcement program

Armor Reinforcement
Increase Armor and Resistance gained from items by 15%

Weapon Reinforcement
Increase Attack power and ESP from items by 15%

Fuel Reinforcement
Increases the Fuel from equipped items by 50%

Sensor Reinforcement
Increase sight and night sight by 1
Increase hit chance and critical hit chance by 5%

Control Program

Driving Control
Increase Block and Dodge chance by 10%

Output Control
Increase property limit for each module by 3

Weight Control
Reduce the Damage Taken by 1% for every 50 total frame weight

Fuel Control
Upon consuming fuel, reduce action time by 5 for every 50 fuel spent

Survival Control
When HP is less than 50%, recover 25% HP and consume fuel equal to 10% of that recovery

Weapon Control
Increase hit chance and critical hit chance by 10%

Auto Revenge Fire
If you dodge a ranged attack from an adversary in sight, Counter attack with a ranged attack
Uses 50 fuel and increase your action time by 20

Control Management*
Increase damage dealt by 4% per control program?
Reduce damage taken by 4% per control program?

* Not currently available in game.



Performance Improvement – Critical hit chance
Critical hit chance increased by 5%

Performance Improvement – Speed
Increase Speed by 10

Performance Improvement – HP
Increase HP by 200

Performance Improvement – Hit Chance
Hit chance increases by 5%

Performance Improvement – Armor
Increase Armor by 100

Performance Improvement – ESP
Increase ESP by 100

Performance Improvement – Overcharge Cooldown
Increases your Overcharge duration by 1

Performance Improvement – Move Distance
Increase Move Distance by 1

Performance Improvement – Maximum Loadage
Increase Loadage by 50

Performance Improvement – Critical Hit Damage
Increase Critical Hit Damage by 15%

Performance Improvement – Resistance
Increase Resistance by 100

Performance Improvement – Sight
Increase Sight by 1

Performance Improvement – Attack Power
Increase Attack Power by 100

Performance Improvement – Defense
Increase Block chance by 5%

Performance Improvement – Dodge
Increase Dodge chance by 5%


Output Improvement – Security
Increases Security module property limit by 1

Output Improvement – Frame
Increases Frame module property limit by 1

Output Improvement – Maximum Output
Increases Maximum Output by 1

Output Improvement – Support
Increases Support module property limit by 1

Output Improvement – Reinforcement
Increases Reinforcement module property limit by 1

Output Improvement – AI
Increases AI module property limit by 1


Compatibility Increment – Fuel Consumption
All Abilities have 10% less Fuel consumption

Compatibility Increment – Delay Restoration
If Action Time exceeds 300, you take the turn right away

Compatibility Increment – Casting Delay Time
Reduce Cast Delay Time by 10%

Compatibility Increment – Still Stance
+50% Still Stance bonus (10%? hit chance bonus in still stance)

Compatibility Increment – Elevated Position
+50% Elevated Position bonus (10%? hit chance bonus in elevated position)

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