Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – How to Make Money Early on

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - How to Make Money Early on
Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - How to Make Money Early on

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This guide will explain how to make money easier early on.

Early Making Money Guide


We need to get Caravans.. so make sure you get a first about 16-17k, dont get any very special companion but make sure your first companion will be a caravan, how to get this first bit of money?

You want to do the “Army of Poachers” Quest as much as you can, you can also do the “Escort Caravan” quest but thats more time consuming and less paying but you can use it to transport urself across the map a bit while making a bit of money off it since your gonna be looking for the “Army of Poachers” quest anyway, use your first few thousand to get alot of troops, roughly 20-30, you need to have them leveled so they atleast have some shields before you can do the army of poachers quest effectively since they always have bows.

How to Level These Troops

Simple, you gotta fight alot of looters, just kill them all, aslong as they dont outnumber you. Always take all their loot, it will give you the essential few hundreds of gold your gonna need for your food and upkeep.

Now, uve gotten troops with shields, maybe a few archers, a bit of food reserve, about 20-30 units, now go search around every city to find the quests “Army of Poachers”, do the quest and the “Escort Caravan” quest until you have enough for a companion, and then enough for a caravan, make sure your companion can run a caravan (im pretty sure every companion can), you dont need any specific companion and skill set.

Now maybe some of you are asking “how do i get a caravan?” well, go to a city, and check the people in the top right, hover your mouse over them and you should see “Type:” look for the type “Merchant” or “Artisan”.

Easy, this should take you about a few in game months to have all this completed and to get a steady income, depending on your luck the caravan may start up sooner or later, the sooner the better ofcource but even if its very late ul be fine.

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