Resident Evil Resistance – Tips for Using Mastermind

Resident Evil Resistance - Tips for Using Mastermind
Resident Evil Resistance - Tips for Using Mastermind

This is just a short guide to try help those struggling to play mastermind against good survivors. I am in no way a pro at this game nor do I guarantee you to win every single game of mastermind using them. This is just to give newcomers and experienced players some tips and tricks to make playing mastermind fun and easier.

How to Use Mastermind


Since this game launched, all I have seen is how people complain about how survivors are ‘OP’ and yes, a good survivor team will be pretty strong if they use their survivor’s abilities correctly and reduce as much damage as possible. I do not have much experience playing mm as most other players but, since playing I have got a few good wins with all survivors dead, a few with 1 or two dead and a few just getting ♥ on.

Using Map Presets

This is something you will unlock when you reach rank 5 with any mastermind / Annette since she is the only one you can use at the beginning. This has helped me so much with map control as it lets me place objectives in areas which are one way in and one way out, allowing me to lock doors behind them. It is also smart to use rooms which are quite open so that creatures are spaced out and not all hurdled together, this is so that one grenade can’t wipe them out. The thing about map presets is that you can also have creatures spawned in at the start of the arena without negating any of the points you start with at the start of the round. This is great for having objective rooms already set up with creatures and traps of your choosing. My personal favourite is using either a tracker, leg holder trap, partially armoured zombie and tough zombie. Tracker zombie will increase the damage dealt to survivors and combined with enhanced berserker serum it works wonders. I can post screenshots of all my map presets if you need help. My presets are doing well for me but may need changing in future.

Using Your Own Deck

This is so helpful to making sure you have what you are best suited with in your loadout, maybe you aren’t a good aim and the rifle just isn’t for you, switch it out for the machine gun and vice versa for any other creature/trap that you feel just isn’t doing well for you. Mix it up.

Creature Placement

This is a big one that you need to learn as when playing survivor I see too many masterminds place all their creatures in one spot and yes this is okay if they are all smashing the bio cores or if it is detonators etc but, one grenade can wipe them all out or stun them to the point you can melee them. This just ends up increasing the survivors time and wasting your points. The best way to do this is place down the tanky creatures that can withstand shots like armoured, partially armoured, tough and regen zombies so that their attention is on them and then flank them with other creatures that have lesser health like dogs, crawler zombies and regular zombies. I am trying to include creatures you start with as most might not have others like infectious zombies, lickers etc.

Bio Weapons (BOW)

I will not go to much in depth into this as I am still learning most of the other mms and primarily use Birkin and Mr T.

  • Birkin & Mr T – These B.O.Ws are the ones that you can move around and waste a lot of time and inflict a lot of damage on survivors. These are best placed in objective areas where it is easier to do the most damage. Do not just place them when you instantly have the option to use it. Set a room up for it first like spawning creatures and traps to entertain the survivors and when the time is right, lock the doors, turn off the lights and if you have it, blind them with the flash card and you should have an easier time killing them. 9 times out of 10 you will get blinded, or grenaded so best not to use the overkill (instakill) action unless the survivor is alone, others are dying, or you are positive that they have no throwables as when grabbing they will just get out and not a lot of damage will be inflicted whilst only being one survivor that receives it. Unlike the other actions that can do group damage.
  • Yateveo & Spencer – These B.O.Ws are more of a time consumer and blocker for objectives since the yateveo cannot move and the d field is… well, lol. The best place to use both is on objectives like the bio cores or security computers. The yateveo is really, really good when you use it in a one way room that you can lock and place down and the d field is good for blocking off rooms, dying survivors and in some case catch them off guard. Best time to use the d field is when the survivors are distracted, place it behind them as sometimes they move back whilst shooting other creatures and will not know it’s there. I have not really played much of either of these so if you have any other tips you can message me to edit it, or just post it below.


I myself made the mistake of buying the cosmetic crates to make my survivors/mm creatures and their equipment look better but this is just a waste of RP right now, IMO. Use your points to get better equipment for your mm as it can help so much at stopping survivors. You can increase the damage of your creatures and turrets whilst extending their time and much, much more. It is so useful to use these points towards making your mastermind stronger.

Turrets/Traps and Locked Doors

Want to waste a lot of times for the survivors? Then do not just use your turrets whenever it is available, and you can use it. Save it for when the survivors are in traps, trying to get a locked door open or when their picking up a dying survivor. Each time you hit the survivors, it not only damages them put depletes so much seconds of their clock so use it when they cannot run away from it or hack/disable the camera.

End of..

I know most of all this is common sense for most but i want to help people enjoy playing mastermind as it can be really fun even when all survivors escape. You still can get a lot of RP and rank from each game if you use these tips to post pone the game as long as possible. If a game ends too fast, then you do not get as much ex/rp.

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