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Toadled - The Chosen Toad Achievement Guide

Created by Anrkyuk   ::   Feb 4, 2018    
Toadled - The Chosen Toad Achievement Guide

A guide and walkthrough for obtaining the The Chosen Toad achievement.

The Chosen Toad Achievement

Before going for the "The Chosen Toad" achievement first max out your Growth Speed stat, then if you are struggling or want as easy a ride as possible, also max out Slowmo and Less Bombs stats. The Health and Shrink Less stats are irrelevant as to obtain the achievement you do not want to get hit, and these stats will not help in your quest.

Beyond this I can only offer you three further tips to aid you.

  • Use Slowmo as much as you need, it is your friend, do not be afraid of it.
  • Ignore coins.
  • On the level where you are being attacked by humans with golf clubs, knives and zombies, keep your cursor along the bottom edge of the toad. On this level the gap between the bottom of the toad and the bottom of the screen is quite small and there is very little time to react when then come from beneath to attack you, which they do quite often. Other than this keep the cursor in the centre of the toad.

Game:   Toadled
Created by Anrkyuk.