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Resident Evil 3 - Underground Storage Fuse Locations

Apr 2, 2020    

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Underground Storage Fuse Locations

  • The first fuse is up the lift directly to your left, if you’re facing away from the Surveillance Room.
  • From there, climb down the ladder, fight the dogs. Your way will get blocked by containers, but if you go down the passageway on the right, there’s a gap Jill can squeeze through. Take the lift up and enter the room next to the safe room. To the left of the zombies and the door to the safe room, there’s a door that leads to a ladder. The second fuse is at the end of this passageway, but it’s guarded by a Hunter Beta.
  • Go back up the ladder, through the storeroom, and across the lift you came up on, and along a walkway to another lift control panel. Bring that lift up, walk across it, and descend the ladder. Before you can reach the third fuse, two containers will blow open - the one behind you has a Hunter Gamma in it, so deal with it first.
  • Go back through the safe room and drop down the way you first came in.