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Resident Evil 3 - All Hip Pouch Location (Inventory Upgrades)

Apr 2, 2020    

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Hip Pouch Location

Hip Pouch #1

There’s a hip pouch inside the first lockbox in the Subway Station safe room/area, but you’ll need to find the lockpick.

  • Location: Subway Station.

Hip Pouch #2

In the substation, the small office upstairs has a hip pouch in it. As you’re heading to the Substation, there’s a dead body lying against the fence holding a fancy box. Examine the box, and you’ll find the lockpick inside. This can be used to unlock lockboxes and certain doors around Raccoon City.

  • Location: Outside Substation, inside Fancy Box on Dead Body

Hip Pouch #3

The jewel puzzle in the clock in the subway station will give you a hip pouch when you insert all three jewels.

  • Location: Subway Station Clock Puzzle
  • Items Needed: 3 Jewels

Hip Pouch #4

There’s a hip pouch sitting on the table in the Security Room, visible through the window when you first enter the sewers, but you’ll need the battery pack to access it.

  • Location: Security Office
  • Item Needed: Battery Pack

Hip Pouch #5

The safe in the 1F West Office of can be opened using the same combination it had in Resident Evil 2 - left 9, right 15, left 7.

  • Location: 1F West Office

Hip Pouch #6

In the first safe room you find in the underground storage facility, there’s a hip pouch on the desk.

  • Location: Underground Storage Safe Room