Resident Evil 3 – All Jewel Locations

Resident Evil 3 - All Jewel Locations
Resident Evil 3 - All Jewel Locations

Resident Evil 3 Guides:

Jewel Locations

The Commemorative Clock puzzle in the Subway Station will reward players with items when they insert Jewels into it. The Jewels are scattered around Raccoon City, hidden in fancy boxes. The first jewel you insert will get you a hand grenade, the second will get you a Shotgun stock upgrade, and the third will unlock a hip pouch.

Red Jewel

The Red Jewel is in a Fancy Box in the safe room inside the Donut Shop.

  • Location: Donut Shop Safe Room
  • Item Needed: None

Blue Jewel

The Blue Jewel is in the Supermarket, across the street from the Toy Uncle toy store. You’ll need the bolt cutters to cut the chain on the door, but inside you’ll find a Fancy Box on the counter. Examine it and you’ll find the Blue Jewel.

  • Location: Supermarket
  • Item Needed: Bolt Cutter

Green Jewel

The Green Jewel is in a fancy box inside the Toy Uncle Toy Store. To get inside, you’ll need to use the lockpick on the front door. Pick up the Fancy Box and examine it, and you’ll find the Green Jewel inside.

  • Location: Toy Store
  • Item Needed: Lock Pick

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