Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – How to Get 100k Denars (Step-by-Step)

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - How to Get 100k Denars (Step-by-Step)
Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - How to Get 100k Denars (Step-by-Step)

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Ultimate step by step guide to getting 100k Denars.

Guide to Getting 100k Denars

  1. Get a band of around 10-15 of the cheapest units you can find.
  2. Massacre looters and do quests until you have at least 2-3k.
  3. Buy a decent helmet, and farm tournaments for renown and money (always sell your prize after you get a decent weapon).
    Make sure to always bet the maximum amount on each round of the tournament, if you win, you’ll get an extra ~1700 on top of your prize.
  4. Once you’ve farmed enough renown for clan rank one, become a mercenary of a faction that’s at war.
  5. Join up with one of your faction’s armies.
  6. During battle, make sure you personally kill as many enemies as possible (not sure, but I think this affects how much loot and how many prisoners you receive.
  7. Whenever your army stops at a major town, participate in the tournament there (if there is one), and sell all your loot and prisoners.
  8. Once you reach 20k, buy a merchant caravan for 15k.
    If your caravan doesn’t make any money and is bleeding your balance dry, don’t worry, caravans take a while to start becoming profitable. That’s why you need the extra 5k.
  9. While you wait for your caravan to become profitable, continue following a army, racking up that loot and prisoners, and farming renown and money through tournaments.
  10. Once your caravan has become profitable, leave your faction’s army (don’t leave the faction though) and begin buying as many recruits as you can.
  11. Once you have around 45-50 recruits/low levels, begin grinding looter armies for xp.
    It helps to assign your lowest levels to group 5 (or any unoccupied group) so you can charge them in while your higher level troops hold back. This really helps speed up the leveling process.
  12. Spend around half your remaining money on horses to speed up your movement speed.
  13. Return to your faction’s army (if your faction is no longer at war, leave and join one that is).
  14. Continue racking up kills in every battle to farm maximum loot and prisoners.
  15. Whenever your army is moving, you’ll notice weaker enemy lords (make sure these lords are less than ~15 troops stronger than you) following behind, waiting for other enemy lords to join them. Whenever you see this, break away from your army and chase these weaker lords down.
  16. Beat the enemy lord’s army, and take them prisoner. These enemy lord battles will give you tons of renown, loot, and prisoners.
  17. Return to your faction’s army before any stronger enemy lords arrive.
  18. Kill any enemy caravans you find, these will give you almost 5k in loot.
  19. Once you reach 25k, buy another caravan of your own.
  20. Rinse and repeat killing enemy lords, winning tournaments, selling loot and prisoners, destroying enemy caravans, and buying caravans.
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