Streets of Rogue – How to Get Up Elevators Easy

Streets of Rogue - How to Get Up Elevators Easy
Streets of Rogue - How to Get Up Elevators Easy

This guide will describe how to get up elevators much faster.

What class should I use?

So first you need a class and after testing each class iI figured out which was the best to get up elevators fast. You will need the Ninja class which can be ubtained through a achievement. This class will allow you to go invisible, kill people sleeping in 1 hit, backstab people, and one hit peoples backs while invisable. Meaning you can get items way way faster. Also the thief works very well, he gets boxes which are very usefull to sneak past people with.

How can I live all the way till downtown?

First, take your time in each section. Don’t rush it or you’ll find yourself with a higher chance of death, likely due to making mistakes or running into trouble that you weren’t ready to handle. First off, always loot garbage cans since they can hold money, cigarettes, rocks, food, drugs, hacking tools, safe busters and more. Taking just a bit more time to look through these cans will help you a lot more than you may think. Next, always try to steal from chests or safes whether they’re on your mission list or not, as you get at least 100XP for looting them and either more money or free items on top of that. When leveling up, you get to choose a trait upon completion of a floor. Always choose your traits carefully. Traits like Studious, Slippery Target, G-P-Yesss, Drug-A-Lug and Team Building Expert are examples of good traits that should work well with most players, but some play-styles and situations call for different traits, so think ahead. Next, in order to get items and traits as rewards in the game, you must use Chicken Nuggets to unlock them, and that currency has a maximum capacity of 50, so try to spend them whenever you can back at Home Base. Also remember to be on the look-out for NPCs such as the Bartender or Shopkeeper, for they can sell you items that bring your health up, which is pretty important in this game. A very usefull tip would be to note that once a character levels up, they not only recieve 3 Chicken Nuggets. but their hit points are fully restored! So watch for that, because you do not want to completely waste valuable healing items on yourself if you are about to level up!

What about items?

First take your time in each section, dont rush it or you will have a higher chance of dying. Always loot garbage cans becuase you can find cigaretts, rocks, food, drugs, hacking tools. safe busters and much more. Looking threw all these dumps can save your life alot. Next always go for chests or safes even if thier not a mission, you can get 100XP from these and on top either money or free items. this will give you a bigger chanse of winning. Also always pick good traits when you have a chance like drug-alug, walls worstnightmaire and much more but pick whats best for you. Also spend your chicken nuggets on new items and traits in you home base (I recommend when ever you die buy somthing becuase you only can have a max of 50 chicken nuggets.) Also when ever you find a shop keeper see if she has food or something to boost health, you will need as much health boosters as possible, remmeber that when ever you level up you get full health so before eating the bacon cheese burger just make sure so can live with ot it.

Tips and Tricks

  • Only hack when no cops are in view of you.
  • Always buy food when ever you have a chance.
  • During park watch out for landmines.
  • Also watch out for those creepy bushes.
  • In park hit bear traps to enemys for a advantage of speed and health.
  • Always spend your chicken nuggets.
  • Take your time and dont rush.
  • Save a Harambae when ever you can, they will become loyal and fight with you.
  • In downtown watch out for manholes and wells.
  • Disasters are random so be ready for anything.
  • You can use a wrench to get a genearator to blow up.
  • You can sell rocks for $2 or throw them.
  • You can buy full health from doctors.
  • Use windows as advantages.
  • In industrial and Downtown watch out for mine carts and amtracks.
  • Use power boxes to shut down power for half of the city.
  • Dont let cops see you using a lockpick.
  • As long as thir back is to you, they cant see you.
  • You can kill the killer robot with exsplosives.
  • Zombies are not afraid of anything so becareful.
  • Cops can help you out if you get someone to hit you infront of them.
  • When fire hydrants car bursted, they can push people back with thier water.
  • Tap on windows for a distraction.
  • Always sell your unwanted junk.
  • Watch out for fire and traps inside and outside.
  • Use your surrondings as a advantage.
  • Crowbars can open doors!
  • When being the Ninja class, always buy extra Quick Escape Teleporters from invetory machines.
  • Banana peels can serve as a nice get away.
  • Always trust your gut!
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