DiRT Rally 2.0 – How to Drive

DiRT Rally 2.0 - How to Drive
DiRT Rally 2.0 - How to Drive

This guide is for those who have completely no idea how to drive and brake a car. And also for those who think they’re just good enough, but in truth they always reach last place in the single-player campaign.

Guide to Drive

Game Basics

There is a few things you must understand before you step on the pedal and finish on last place in the single-player campaign.

There are a few tricks besides moving the wheel left & right, and thrusting the accelerator up/down and abusing the brakes.

For example, there are N-ways to brake and bring your car to either a full-stop or speed reduction:

1st – Use the Normal Brake

Besides stepping on the brake pedal, You can also tune how the brake works in the tune options of your vehichle.

2nd – The Handbrake

The handbrake is a well known form of brake, mostly used for drifting around in other games, i’ll add up more to this section later. Note that this can also be tuned.

3rd – The Engine Brake

That’s right, you’ve heard it right: The Engine Brake

Did you know that you could use your car’s engine to bring it to a complete stop? Yes, you can! No, it’s not by turning it off, ‘cus you can’t do that in Dirt Rally, but you can & should definitively use your gearbox to bring your car to a halt, specially in those situations you would most likely have completely lost control of your car if you stepped on the brake pedals; in order to do that, all you have to do is shift down on your gearbox, let’s say you’re 80Mph at 4th gear, so by simply bringing your car to 2nd, it should be enought to bring your car’s engine down by brute force; ofc, this should damage your car’s engine a bit, but it’s a complete safe alternative way of braking your car in a video game. Not only it’s safe, it’s also better, because it also keeps your car completely stable on the road in situations where using the normal brake or the handbrake would completely throw your car out of it.

This mechanic exists in pretty much every other racing game, because of how the nature of the gearbox system works: the lower your gearbox, the lower your speed!

Surprisingly this technique also works in real life too! Except that you’d really have to pay for all the damage done to your own car in a few months from abusing this.

How to improve a car’s stability / Help my car doesn’t keep on track!

Access the tune service – if you’re on career mode, you’ll need to buy that car’s upgrade that gives you access to the tune service – and once you’ve done that, try changing all property/attributes that give you + or – stability: change them all to more stability.

That’s it, welcome to Dirt Rally 2.0. Note that this also fixes the porsche DLC car’s handling not being very stable which a lot of people on the reviews are complainning.


So this is it for now, I’ll bring more tips as more users talk about ’em in here(or not); either that or if I find anything new on my own.

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