Take the Dream IX – Puzzle Solutions

Take the Dream IX - Puzzle Solutions
Take the Dream IX - Puzzle Solutions

Just a simple guide to provide some solutions for a few puzzles scattered through the game.

Soil, Stone, Water and Diamond

  • Obtain Jar at the northern part of room.
  • Take the jar to the stream you passed earlier.
  • Take some soil and stuff it into the jar.
  • Hold the jar of mud to the ice.
  • Hold jar of stone to pillar of lava.
  • Obtain heated diamond.
  • Cool off heated diamond with ice.
  • Obtain cooled diamond.
  • Use diamond to scratch the key free from diamond.
  • Obtain Caverns Key.

Everlasting Path / Hide n’ Seek

Head south about 7-8 times, then head north. A dark creature will appear, in both directions. Avoid it or it’s Game Over. The screen will flash briefly before the monster appears: that’s your cue to head in the opposite direction. Head north into a new room.

You only have 15 seconds to hide. Make your way behind one of the wooden borders until you are near-completely out of view. Don’t move until it leaves the room.

Goddess of Truth / Lies

  • Explore the room, make sure to inspect everything.
  • Left Coffin: Turn to the right.
  • Right Coffin: Turn to the right.
  • Once both coffins face to the right, play the melody, then head through the door.

Sounds of the Beast

  • Press the switches in this order: Silver Ox, Bear, Bear, Bear, Gold Ox, Shadow. 
  • Then press the switch on the Cross.
  • Enter passageway.

Chemical Lab

Take beaker of chemicals at Wireframe Terminal. Pay attention to the directions given!
Main Distributor: Insert chemicals here.
Go back to Wireframe Terminal and distribute to 6D.
Go to Security Terminal and input the following answers:

  • Red
  • Not a robot
  • Demontrich Lab

Head over to Cooling Unit last and distribute Coolant.

Wretched Waits Riddle

After finishing the game, if you try to load your save file you will be greeted with this message:

“Wretched waits, and gullet takes
When words strike 230, you may hear more of me
You may hear more of me…”

…and then you will be returned to the main menu. Start a new game and allow the intro dialogue to play, then quickly reset the game and try to load that save file once again.

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