Half-Life: Alyx – Basic Tips

Half-Life: Alyx - Basic Tips
Half-Life: Alyx - Basic Tips

Basic guide with tips before you play Half-Life: Alyx.

Avoid Spoilers

There is just 1 big spoiler for those that have not played Half-Life 2: Episode 2, at the very start.

The intro is Alyx on a balcony and immediately there is a text in front of you saying “5 years before spoiler”, just close your eyes when you enter (this shows for like 5 to 10 sec).

The rest are small spoilers, you will miss them if you don’t really know it.



You have some “Armor” that you can equip that protect you 1 time from headcrabs and barnacle (the tentical thing against the ceiling), it’s not highlighted or anything, try to put stuff/helms on your head and see what stays.


The shotgun can hold 7 shells, not just 2, so pump that bad boy full. But be carefull, shotgun ammo is hard to find (you rarely find it and it’s kind of not so obvious like the other pickups).


You can store items in both wrists (so 2 item storages) and you can store ammo and resin above either shoulders (see what is easy for you).


Just a tip, but if you got trouble with aiming, get a laser attachment, it becomes 100% easier with it.



Your hitbox is your hands, head and everything between that, so make sure to crouch or lean over with combat.

Dead Ends

If you hit a dead end from the main path, high chance there is something in that room, can be ammo, items or a resin.

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  1. Yes, first, thank you for all your work in putting this together, without it I would have to quit the game and be miserable, lol.

    One suggestion:
    I could not find the answer to this anywhere or I missed it. In order to play and continue to go on I had to add the command to give me unlimited ammo because, in play, I got to nervous and couldn’t reload my gun fast enough, blah, blah. I thought it would be good to add to your dialog whether or not the commands I enter like sv_infinite_ammo 1 REMAINS in the game after entering it one time or do I have to re-enter these commands every time I start the game?

    Thank you

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