Celeste – Mario 3 Easter Egg

Celeste - Mario 3 Easter Egg
Celeste - Mario 3 Easter Egg

This is a guide that shows you how to find a Mario 3 reference and the chapter 4 – Golden Ridge Crystal heart.

Mario 3 Easter Egg and Chapter 4 Crystal Heart

  • Go to Chapter 4 – Golden ridge.
  • Enter the Shrine area.
  • Go to where you would normally go (e.g. the top right, I don’t know what to call it, how about door?)
  • Instead of going up like you normally would, go in the little area of water and swim to the right. You will know that you’ve done it right when you enter a room with a strawberry.
  • Instead of going back, dash on the wall on the right to open up another room.
  • You will see a white block like those found in Mario 3. You must hold down on it until Madeline falls into the background, like you would in Mario 3 to find a warp whistle.
  • To get the heart, you go up through the background until you reach the heart.

If you want another strawberry, there is a room with one if you dash into the far right wall in the room.

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