Treasure Adventure World – Late Game Coin Farming

Treasure Adventure World - Late Game Coin Farming
Treasure Adventure World - Late Game Coin Farming

A simple way to farm coins to easily be able to buy all the hats and all the house parts.


This simple guide will help you farm coins at the end of the game.

Sure, you could simply go back to the places you visited with the treasure detector and hope to find some chests you missed, but that would take a lot of time and it wouldn’t really be effective.

The strategy here is to go to the Mysterious temple east of Eber Island and basically farm the enemies there. This method gives around 350-400 coins for each temple clear.


First, you’ll need to find the four scrolls and give them to the librarian on Danausal Island before going to the Mysterious Temple.

Recommended Gear

Health Points

Having a lot of golden fruits can help you clearing the temple without needing to buy a fruit during the clear.

The Hook

Having all of the hook upgrades is pretty much essential in this case. You can find the last two upgrades in Huayin’s Temple on Nimue Island.


I’d recommend sticking to one of theses two hats:

  • The paper hat
  • The sunglasses

I personally used the sunglasses, since they help beating the crab robots without effort (with reduced defense, you can just hit them repeatedly and they’ll take damage.

Since your goal here is to survive the entire temple, I’d recommend avoiding hats that reduces your defense.

I’d also recommend to not wear the top hat. The effect it gives sounds pretty useful in our case (Increased coin drops by 10%) but strangely, every time I wore the hat, the game would crash randomly when killing enemies. You could always try to complete a clear with it and see if it crashes on your side too.

The Temple

The Plan

In a nutshell, the temples consists of five rooms, each with 3 rounds of enemies. You can’t go back once you’re in the first room, so you need to clear the entire temple in one shot. The temple kind of resets after clearing it, so you can clear it over and over again for coins.

What do you mean by “kind of resets”?

After you clear one of the first three rooms, you’re given a pot filled with food. The thing is, after some clears, the temple stop spawning theses pots. I’ve tried saving and quitting the game, but they still didn’t appear.

You then need to be prepared to clear the temple without any healing.

After each successful temple clear, you can go refill your health bar with the save point on the right side of Tomba Island.

Some Hard Enemies


On the second round of the last room, you’ll encounter two rolling enemies. When they are rolling, they become invincible. You need to approach them and use your hook on them fast enough to hit them before they curl into a ball. If you have enough health left, you can face tank them and kill them with one or two hits (with sunglasses and charged attack).

The Robot Tanks

To kill theses easily, you can jump on them and spam your melee attack.

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