Call of War – Beginners Guide

Call of War - Beginners Guide
Call of War - Beginners Guide

This guide should help new players get more experience with playing and hopefully help them in succeding.

Dropping into a New Game


When starting a new game, you have several game mode options to choose from, it can range from, Artic Domination all the way to the 100 player World at War (my personal favourite). When starting a new game there is 1 day peace period, this gives you time to prepare troops and build infastructure or research, but before this you must choose a country to play as. When selecting a country it is important to keep in mind how you like to play the game, if you prefer to build up an army overtime and research more advanced troops, it might be a good idea to select an isolated country, such as Finland, UK or Japan, however it is important to note that island countries have less cities meaning you will have to sacrifice some resources to build more Industrial Complexes.


Once you have picked your country, your main priority will be to research infantry and Armoured Cars, Milita, while cheap and easy to produce, does not posses the defensive capabilites of an Infantry/ Armoured car duo. Another good tip is to befriend your neighbouring countries, possibly forming a coalition is a good idea. This will give you protection from aggressive countries trying to invade you. If you prefer to invade countries as soon as possible, make sure you have protection from other bordering countries, or else you will more than likely be attacked. It is also a good idea to research defensive units early, such as anti tank weapons can prove effective against enemies trying to rush you with armoured cars.


It is vital that you do your best efforts to preserve and maintain a solid supply of Oil and Food to keep your army and population stable, although I won my first game I was constantly pressured by low amounts of food leaving my morale to slowly stoop giving the enemy an advantage. To prevent this, purchase enough Rare Materials to build indusrial complexes in your Oil and Food regions, if you happen to possess a double resource region you will earn much more supplies and you will not have to develop as much industrial in that reigion. You can also develop infastructure which also boost supplies upwards of 14,000.

Planning Ahead

Make sure you have backup plans if your plan A goes south, such as leaving AT units in your cities or Bombers protecting your borders, many of my first games I was flanked and my units were unable to reach my mainland in time. This can be very frustrating and can be a gamechanger.

Mid-Game Tactics

Deciding which way to go

In almost every game you will be presented with the option of invading one way or the other, this can be regions such as Asia, Europe or America etc. If you are looking for high Victory Point (VP) Areas, you may want to direct your attention towards Europe, with many compact coutries it can be an easy place to invade, N. America also possess a lot of cities and capitols, the only downside is the fact that it can only be accessed by Sea or through S. America, it also has many Coastal Cities, meaning they will often be ahead in Naval Warfare. Asia possess lots of VP aswell, however its extreme terrains and large war front can leave you vunerable to flanks and you may be forced to split your Armies in order to control a wider area, to stop naval flanking, produce a few destroyers or submarines towards Northen Russia, this will give you some form of security when it comes to protection. Oceania, while being quite an easy area to invade, possess the least amount of VP, but can be a great place to stock up on food and naval bases.

What to research

When more options become available, you may be stuck on what you want to invest your rare materials in, it is quite important to leave Secret units locked away until your base army is strong enough to fight enemies, although I highly advise researching the Commando unit early to protect your capitol, the reason for this is they can be researched very early and do not require as much development as units such as the Railway gun. Medium tanks are your best bet for research, since you have 2 slots, devote one of them into researching armour and the other for Navy or Airforce (depending on the circumstances). Tactical bombers can be extremely useful when being attacked, as they can wipe ground forces within minutes and have an absurd range for quick counter attacks, when produced in buk (10-15) they make quick work of units unprotected by Anti-Air units, this is a mistake lots of players make.

Supporting Your Allies

Helping out freinds in need

If an ally is currently being invaded, don’t leave them to get massacred and taken over, if you have spare units, donate or move them over to the frontline to support them, leaving it to the last moment will give the enemy time to regroup and produce more units to invade you, when working together, combined forces can be strong and effective against holding off unwanted tresspassers.


Always make sure that your allies are not falling behind in terms of resources, losing an ally due to lack of oil makes their army redundant and can severly cripple your chances of winning, keep donating your spare resources when they need it, not only will they turn inactive and lose VP to your coalition, you will now be forced to fight whats left of their army in order to stay ahead of other coalitions. Next time an ally asks for support make sure to give what you can.

Late-Game Tactics

If you have managed to prevail into the final days of the game you have obviously made good decsions to bring you there, it is more than likely you are in a colaition and have control over a big region of land, however, there is almost always another competing coalition with roughly the same amount of VP. Dealing with them can be risky, as your coalition may be unprepared or lacking the man-power to fight, a viable tactic is to inform your coalition of what they should do next, what to build or research and where to attack. A strategy I have found useful is dontaing special materials to a coalition member, and let them research special units, such as rockets or nukes, having a nation with superior technology can change the fate of a game.


A very good tactic I have adopted is to put Espionage and Counter Espionage in as much areas as possibly, identifying possible future enemies and finding out their plans can prove useful in defending your nation, having counter espionage in your capitol will prevent them finding out about your plans with your coalition, creating a discord server can be useful in keeping infomation private. Finding out what sort of troops the enemy is developing will give you the upper hand in countering it, if they enemy is producing heavy tanks, developing lots of anti tank guns can be effective, if your enemy is lacking in AA then developing an Air Force will give you an advantage over unsuspecting enemies.

Switching capitols

When a large enemy force is present near your capitol, it may be a good idea to move it to a safer location to improve moral, add some fortifications and a few defensive troops and you will have a high morale in regions. Note that you only recieve 25% of resources from shaded provinces meaning having a large army with no base provinces will be difficult to maintian without imports.

Nuclear option

Once you have obtained the required research for Nuclear bombers, you have a large advantage, dealing a base damage in the hundereds if not thousands, outmatching every other unit other than Nuclear Missiles. Bombing an enemy capitol will destroy all of the buildings or severely damage them, meaning their resources and morale will drop, if you can successfully bomb all of their resources you can force them to pull back or retreat, giving you time to build up an army if needed. If the enemy has nuclear bombers, stacking large amounts of SP Anti Air is a good idea, make sure to have fighters defending your cities and towns, if the enemy has the Nuclear Missile, try to move your units out of the area before its too late.

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