Nioh 2 – Saito Yoshitatsu Boss Guide

Nioh 2 - Saito Yoshitatsu Boss Guide
Nioh 2 - Saito Yoshitatsu Boss Guide

How to Kill Saito Yoshitatsu

Saito Yoshitatsu is a Human that can transform into two differnt Guardian Spirits like the player does. He uses both a Long sword and Dual Swords while in his human form.

While he is human, try to stay at a medium distance and counter his attacks. When he performs the jump attack go in and deal as much damage as you can because this attack has a long recovery time. When he transforms into Yokai you can use Items and Jutsu to deal damage from a distance. Wait for him to attack, run backwards use an Item and repeat. Once the yokai transformation breaks you will have an opportunity to perform a Grapple attack.

While he is transformed into Makami he will constantly run to your location. Dodge his three hit combo attack and then strike back. If he uses his burst ability you can either try to counter burst or go away and use items from a distance.

While he is transformed into Kagewan he will stay at a medium distance and use the ranged three hit combo attack. You can parry all three attacks and then go in to deal some damage.

Jump Attack (Sword): While using his sword, he jumps into the air and land with a powerful strike.

  • Wait for him to land and then rush in to attack him. This is the best opportunity to deal damage.

Grapple Attack (Sword): He will perform a quick grapple attack forward dealing high damage.

  • Dodge left or right.

Three hit combo (Dual Swords): While using dual swords he will perform a quick but weak three hit combo.

  • You can parry this attack or dodge backwards.

Imbue Lightning: He can imbue his dual swords with lighting damage.

  • Wait for the effect to wear off.

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