Nioh 2 – Enera Boss Guide

Nioh 2 - Enera Boss Guide
Nioh 2 - Enera Boss Guide

The enemy called Enera is located at the end of The Beast Born of Smoke and Flame main mission, and is the second boss encountered in Nioh 2.

How to Kill Enera Boss

Enenra is all about closing distance on you. He can teleport to you at any time making getting away never an option.

You may notice the water barrels positioned above the pillars in the room. Getting Enenra to hit these pillars will dump water on him, interrupting whatever attack he’s currently doing, as well as doing some pretty massive Ki damage. Though these are probably best saved for his Yokai Realm phase to get him out of it as quickly as possible if you can save them til then.

Unlike normal enemies, you’ll need to be quite aggressive with a boss to get it’s Ki all the way down, though it is possible, allowing you to get a Grapple for a good chunk of damage.

Close Range Attacks

  • Kick then a possible second kick. Enenra can kick out at you with his left foot two times in a row, though dodging or circling around him almost always avoids this. He can also use this as the end of a swing combo.
  • Swinging several times Dodge backwards then to the side on the final hit, where you should be able to get a few solid hits in. We’ve seen variations of both two swings, or three swings that can be followed up with slamming down both arms
  • Two hand slam that creates Yokai Realm pool. He uses this attack as a finisher on many of his attacks, make sure you’re using Ki Pulse whenever near one to remove the pool.
  • Jumps up in the air and slams his feet down as he falls dealing AOE damage, only way to avoid this is to dodge through it.

Burst Attacks

A Left hand swing, a burst of red light, followed by a right hand grab attack and ending with a Yokai Realm Pool. This one is really hard to time right for a Burst Counter. His other Burst Attack is much more predictable.

  • A burst of red light, and then Enenra will transform into a large tornado that approaches you. Use Burst Counter at any time to interrupt him.

Ranged Attacks

  • He can summon patterns of fire bombs on the floor both in a short vicinity all around him, as well as on a large cone ranging fairly far. Dodging to the sides or backwards out of the fire is often your best bet though sometimes, the bombs will miss or hit just based on bad luck.
  • He can send three four or five smaller tornados barreling towards you. However, they’re fairly slow and you should be able to move around them. The tricky thing is making sure he doesn’t use the distraction to teleport to you for a cheap shot.

Yokai Realm Transition

None of Enenra’s moves change in the Yokai Realm, what becomes extremely difficult is managing Ki with how fast he can move around the map. Ki Pulse really becomes your friend in this case, as well as Burst countering any time he uses the massive tornado that can easily kill you.

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