Call of Duty: Warzone – Battle Royale Tips and Tricks

Call of Duty: Warzone - Battle Royale Tips and Tricks
Call of Duty: Warzone - Battle Royale Tips and Tricks

Call of Duty: Warzone Guides:

General Gameplay Tips

  • Be sure to adjust your control scheme to fit your playstyle. Some players prefer the Tactical layout to make “Drop-shotting” easier.
  • Don’t forget to adjust the sensitivity! If you’re newer to FPS, finding the right sensitivity for you is important for optimal play.
  • Perks go into effect when you select a loadout from a Loadout Drop, so be sure to use perks that work well in Warzone.
  • Try to stagger using Killstreaks with your team if you’re communicating with them to maximize their impact. If you really want to get tactical, chat with your team and equip Killstreaks that work well together.
  • If you see an enemy Loadout Drop land nearby, wait to see if you can catch them while they’re interacting with the crate for an easy kill.
  • Reviving can take around 5-6 seconds, so make sure you’re safe before helping out a friend.
  • You can cut your parachute to drop faster, but be aware, you must deploy it again to land safely.
  • Try to land near a weapon stash so you can get into the action quickly.
  • You take less fall damage in Battle Royale mode.
  • Wait to take engagements until you have armor and stock up on armor plates.
  • Holding the replenish armor button will continually fill up all bars, for as many armor plates as you have available.
  • Try to scavenge an area before moving to the next one.
  • Pick up all ammo types, even if you don’t currently have a gun that utilizes it.
  • Use Free Look while dropping onto the map to get a better sense of where some of your opponents are headed.
  • Always crouch if you know enemies are nearby. This can help you detect where they’re coming from.

It’s Pays to Land Away from the Action

Your initial instinct might be to land smack-dab in the middle of all the action when the match starts. This isn’t a bad idea to stack up Killstreaks, but it does pay to land away from the action if your team isn’t communicating or if you’re not entirely confident in your twitch reflexes. You’ll have more opportunities to loot and discover items first with fewer chances of encountering areas that have been ransacked already.

If you land just outside of hot zones, grab that gear then join the end of the big firefight. This is risky since some players might have Killstreaks ready to go, but it could pay off to catch them while they’ve expended resources.

Benefits of Staying with Your Teammates

While the mainline Call of Duty multiplayer modes can be played solo, with little to no communication with teammates, Warzone’s Battle Royale is very much meant to be played with teammates. As such, you’ll want to stick with them at all times.

  • It’s much easier to finish an enemy off when you’ve got a buddy (or two) at your side. Then you can hunt down their teammates.
  • Teammates can revive you if you go down. Likewise, you can revive them.
  • You and your teammates can share items with one another. Someone in your squad might have an excess of one item, so why not share?
  • You can loot teammates’ bodies if they go down as well. Although it’s not ideal to have a teammate go down, you can stock up on items if they do happen to get taken out.

Staying in One Spot for Too Long Can be Detrimental

Much of the Verdansk map is made of areas from Modern Warfare’s Spec Ops mode and Ground War maps.

Familiarize yourself with as much of the map as you can (we recommend landing in a chosen area several times to figure out the lay of the land and go from there). While you move around, be on the hunt for weapon drops, Cash, Contracts, and Loadout Drops and make a mental note of them for next time if you choose to drop in the same area. There’s nothing worse than coming face-to-face with an enemy who’s fully decked out with top quality gear, while you’re equipped with a handgun.

The other thing to consider is that if you and your team stay in one spot too long, enemies can eventually catch on and swam you with better gear. If you’re okay with being bombarded and have a loadout that lets you defend an area, this might not be a problem.

Complete Contracts to Earn Cash and XP

Looting is great, but completing Contracts for gear is even better. Contracts are short missions you’ll see indicated on your map by a flag icon and offer some nice rewards.

Once you accept it, you’ll be tasked with securing locations or visiting various points across the map. Completing these Contracts will reward you with weapons, Killstreaks, items, Cash, and other enhancements. Again, it’s best to attempt completing contracts as a team.

Here are the three types of Contracts:

  • Bounty – This will task you with killing a specific player within the allotted time limit. The Bounty will appear on your map while it’s active.
  • Recon – Once this is active, you’ll have to capture a point with your squad. This is similar to capturing a flag in Domination. As long as you or your squad is near the flag, the bar will fill up. Capture it to gain Cash and XP.
  • Scavenger – With this, you’ll have to visit various locations that contain Supply Boxes.

Get Used to Not Having Your Ideal Weapon Setups

This tip is harder to adhere to, simply because there are so many weapons that can be used. Depending on your play style, you might fancy yourself a sniper rifle, shotgun, or even a rocket launcher. It’s easy to become used to one weapon type, but in Battle Royale, that weapon might not be readily available.

When you’re out on the battlefield, you don’t always have the luxury of finding your favorite weapon. If you have Modern Warfare it might be a good idea to test out a few unfamiliar weapon types in multiplayer to prep for Warzone’s Battle Royale.

As you explore, you’ll also want to be on the lookout for Buy Stations. Here, you can purchase a Loadout Drop, which allows you to use custom loadouts.

Pay Attention to the Circle Collapse and Plan Routes Accordingly

The map space constantly gets smaller as the match goes on. When choosing your route, you should absolutely be paying attention to the circle collapse, which is the large space surrounded by gas.

It’s okay to move slowly from area to area, but typically, it’s best to avoid camping in one spot for too long. Players tend to panic when the gas gets closer, leading to careless mistakes and more opportunities for enemies to get the drop on you.

When planning where to go, always take the gas into consideration. Sometimes, it’s worth approaching the gas if a useful item lies ahead. You just want to make sure you have a safe means of exit, like a vehicle or at the very least, a gas masks.

It’s always a good idea to keep a gas mask on you. You can buy them from the Buy Stations, so make sure you save some money for one. Alternatively, you can find them from chests around the map or by completing Contracts.

Ping Locations to Notify Teammates

Because the map is so expansive, you should take advantage of the game’s pinging system, which allows you to mark points of interest for your teammates. This also comes in handy when playing with a group who doesn’t have a headset.

There are several different points of interest you can ping, from enemies, weapon stashes, equippable items, and even general locations on the map. Getting in the habit of at least pinging enemies will increase your chances of survival, especially if you’re sticking with your team.

Use Sound to Your Advantage

Although Battle Royale mode is prime for running around guns blazing, it’s a good idea to be aware of the sounds you, your teammates, and enemies make.

  • When entering a heavily populated area, it’s a good idea to reconsider sprinting at full speed.
  • Breaking glass, or setting up Deployable Cover will also make lots of noise.
  • Be on the lookout for the Dead Silence Field Upgrade. You can activate it when entering a potentially deadly area to conceal your footsteps. It also gives you a speed boost.
  • A good rule of thumb is to sprint between large open areas and crouch-walk when in close quarters zones. Doing this will allow you to listen closely to other sounds and properly identify if an enemy is close.
  • Try to time loud movements for when there’s a vehicle overhead to distract from your footsteps.
  • Always have a weapon with a silencer.
  • Close doors behind you to keep track of who’s coming and going.

There are Warzone-Specific Versions of Perks

  • Kill Chain – Increases your chance of finding killstreaks in supply boxes.
  • Restock – Recharge equipment over 50 seconds.
  • Hardline – 25% off kiosk prices for killstreaks, field upgrades, and armor plates.
  • Pointman – All members of your team earn more money from completed missions.
  • Tune Up – Reduce Revive time by 25%.

Try to Have a Varied Weapon Loadout

Because of the wide array of situations you can find yourself in, it’s a good idea to try to have as varied a loadout as possible. For example, having two snipers might not be ideal for close range situations.

  • Cover your bases by having a long ranged and close to medium range weapon.
  • If you find Stopping Power Rounds, use them on the weapon you feel most confident with.
  • If you come across a silenced weapon, try to keep it. Silence is golden while playing Battle Royale.
  • The Heartbeat Monitor does wonders.
  • Pick up weapons that you feel comfortable using, but also ones that fit the area you’re in.

Supply Boxes Have a Distinct Sound

That’s right, listen in for Supply Boxes as you play. They sound like a generator or some sort of heavy machinery. Try not to leave an area without at least checking into each of its Supply Boxes.

Take the High Ground When the Circle Collapse Gets Smaller

Once there are only a handful of teams left, the action tends to increase, while the distance you cover when moving around decreases. This is due to the limited space you have to move.

When this happens, it’s a good idea to stay high up so you can oversee the area in its entirety. This way, enemies will be forced to run out in the open, leaving them vulnerable for attacks.

It’s also smart to choose a high point in the center of the map, so you aren’t forced to expose yourself. This is easier said than done, especially in the heat of battle.

How Reviving / Redeployment Works

There are a few different ways you can get back into the action if you’re downed or are eliminated, altogether. Ideally, if you’re by your squad, you can be revived before you’re completely taken out. This means you don’t always have to quit out of the game if you go down. It by no means indicates that you’re out for good. Here’s what to do if you do go down or get eliminated.

If you go down:

  • Teammates can revive you
  • Use a Self-Revive Kit, which you can buy at a Buy Station

If you get eliminated:

  • You can battle it out in the Gulag as a Prisoner of Warzone. Keep in mind, you can only do this once per game.
  • Teammates can buy you back at a Buy Station

You cannot be revived if it’s too late in the game–Typically after 4 Circle Collapses.

Buy Stations Have the Tools You Need

Buy Stations serve as the in-game store for you to spend your hard-earned cash. There are a handful of items you can buy and you’ll want to take note of their prices so you can plan, based on your Cash on hand. Buy Stations are referenced on the map by a shopping cart.

Here are the items you can purchase from the Buy Stations:

  • Armor Plate Bundle – $1,500
  • Shield Turret – $2,000
  • Cluster Strike – $3,000
  • Gas Mask – $3,000
  • Precision Airstrike – $3,500
  • UAV – $4,000
  • Self-Revive Kit – $4,500
  • Munitions Box – $5,000
  • Loadout Drop Marker – $6,000

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