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NITE Team 4 - Uplink 51 Secrets and Easter Eggs

Created by dandykong   ::   Mar 3, 2020    

A list of easter eggs, secrets, and achievements in the Uplink 51 module. This will be expanded if more stuff is found.

2001: A Space Odyssey (FAY 9000)

Where do I even begin? Ask FAY about Samantha Morris, she quotes HAL. Ask her how she is feeling, she quotes HAL. Ask her what her purpose is, she quotes HAL. Tell her to open the pod bay doors, she quotes HAL and you get an achievement for it. And there are probably more reference to that movie I haven't discovered yet.

A/S/L? (None/All/Everywhere)

Type "A/S/L" into Uplink 51, and you get what is perhaps the easiest achievement in the game. Because Dialogflow bots try to guess what you're trying to do if there's no exact match to what you said, you may also get this by accident.

Dylan Says Hi (Work Friends)

Another easy achievement. Just tell FAY Dylan says hi.

Force of Habit

Normally, telling FAY to terminate someone will result in an "I'm afraid I can't do that" message. However the mere mention of Palatura, regardless of context, will result in the following confirmation message: "NT4 v1.7 nanites are already in its bloodstream. Proceed?" During the pre-launch Twitch stream, Palatura was programmed in as a valid target for termination orders to show off conditional checks.

Ask About Characters

You can ask FAY about Dylan Voorhees and Catherine Wheeler and receive some information, ask about Samantha Morris for yet another 2001 reference, and probably get responses for other TBW characters as well. Commander Bradshaw isn't recognized at all. This has some rather interesting implications.

Open Modules (And Run Commands if You're Lucky)

This was mentioned on stream before release and later in patch notes, but not really covered by the game. You can ask FAY to open modules for you, but actually running commands in Uplink 51 is a hot mess. As advanced as FAY is supposed to be in-universe, she can't even hit the broad side of a barn without the aid of Royal Gate's Andromeda shell.

Satellite Data

That box above the Uplink 51 contact list has a number of interesting things in it. The first of which is the cycling numbers. There are two ways to decipher this, either by the long painful process of noting every number in the order they appear after "---" or by cheating with Dotpeek. The entire set of numbers, when converted to ASCII, will form this haiku: "Temple bells die out. The fragrant blossoms remain. A perfect evening!"

The large ring with a number inside is a rate limit display. According to Uplink51Stats.cs, this shows a a random value between 50 and 65 until the true usage rate actually reaches 50, and can go up to 180 before the module goes on cooldown.

The Registered Agent counter is just a calculated estimate, starting at 45,178 and adding 132 for every day since the release of Operation Withering Dusk.

The Uplink 51 satellite's coordinates are set to a random value every time the contact list is opened up. U51 is powered by a mysterious satellite that isn't on any public record and exists in a state of quantum superposition, jumping to a different position in orbit every time it's observed. No wonder NITE Team 4 is so interested in it.


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