NITE Team 4 – Achievements, Secrets and Easter Eggs (Uplink 51)

NITE Team 4 - Achievements
NITE Team 4 - Achievements

This guide shows some easter eggs, secrets and achievements.


Secrets Achievements (Spoiler!)

  • Auctioneer (secret) – Conclude a transaction on the dark web.
  • BBQ (secret) – Remotely start a barbecue.
  • Bootcamp (secret) – Start your first Academy training.
  • Bounty Hunter (secret) – Successfuly complete a bounty.
  • Chameleon (secret) – Change your Stinger OS skin.
  • Eye in the Sky (secret) – Locate the Pentagon using Drone and Imagery Intelligence.
  • Friday the 13th (secret) – Find Dylan’s very secret password.
  • Hasta la Vista (secret) – Gain VPN access to Cyberdyne’s network.
  • Shape Shifter (secret) – Customize your agent avatar.
  • Terminal Operator (secret) – Enter your first command line.

Normal Achievements

  • Terminal Operator II – Enter 50 command lines in a terminal.
  • Terminal Operator III – Enter 100 command lines in a terminal.
  • Terminal Operator IV – Enter 500 command lines in a terminal.
  • Terminal Operator V – Enter 1000 command lines in a terminal.

Secrets and Easter Eggs

  • For Chatterbot you need to type 200 commands into Uplink 51. I’d recommend spamming ‘help’ or ‘hint’ until you got it.

Sympathy for the Devil

  • Open the ‘File Browser’ module from the ‘Data Forensic’ menu.
  • Type ‘localhost’
  • Click ‘home’ -> ‘niteteam4’ -> ‘Documents’ -> ‘INTEL’ -> ‘China’ -> ‘MSS’ -> ’embassy_dictionary_password.txt’
  • Go back to the ‘Hydra Terminal’
  • Click on ‘Block IDs’ -> select an empty Block and confirm the upload.
  • Auctioneer will unlock.

Seek and Destroy

  • Open the ‘Drone and Imagery’ module (bottom of the screen, fourth symbol)
  • Latitude: 52
  • Longitude: 13
  • Click on the hand symbol -> on the little fire symbol
  • Open the ‘Hydra Terminal’ module from the ‘Network Intrusion’ menu.
  • Type ‘connect’
  • House-ID: house-107
  • Username: dfriedel
  • Click on ‘Patio’ and turn on ‘BBQ Preheat Mode’
  • BBQ will unlock.

To get the Secret Chameleon achievement you can click on the brush-symbol show in the screenshot below and change your UI skin.

Tips and Tricks

  • You can run any command from any terminal, You do not have to open Fingerprint Terminal to run a fingerprint command.
  • Shortcut Keys are a thing! Check the Settings Menu under 06.
  • Tab Complete is a thing, you can use it on commands and targets.
  • Hiveminds sometimes need a special osintscan server:
  • FoxAcid can autocomplete things for you! Click the hand Icon next to Target URL.
  • You CAN Copy/Paste in Stinger OS and your computer.
  • XKeyScore has a filter! Use it to remove stuff you don’t need.
  • Bounties drop every hour. There is a 75% chance you will get one. It can take up to 3 minutes for it to show up and can be gained while you are offline.
  • When you run an sfuzzer/osintscan/netscan, the results you get can be clicked on to be able to copy/paste them.
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