Rainbow Six Siege – Gameplay Guide (Hardware, Knowledge and Skill)

Rainbow Six Siege - Complete Gameplay Guide (Hardware
Rainbow Six Siege - Complete Gameplay Guide (Hardware

This is the RSS guide for new and returning players.

Guide to Hardware, Knowledge and Skill


First of all, this will take some time to read however it is still designed to help you learn the game as fast as possible and trust me that it will be worth it at the end.

This guide is basically what I have learned over a year, it will be mostly my opinion from what I have experienced and compilation of other guides and videos from streamers and pro players.

There will be 3 key areas that I will be discussing in this guide. They are hardware, knowledge and skill. These 3 will be your fundamental information in getting better in this game.


What can I say about Hardware but that it is very important when it comes to online gaming especially a competitive game like R6:Siege because it dictates your performance input and output. The lowest potato computer I recommend when playing this game is an i3 cpu, gtx 1050 gpu, 8gb ram and whatever amd build equivalent. An ssd and fast internet also vastly helps.

The ideal situation would be having a higher hz monitor with a bigger screen, good peripherals and a huge mousepad for starters. You don’t need to buy the most expensive brand, if you look up my profile you can see all I have are entry builds.

Golden Rule: Always wear headphones/earphones because sound is a big factor in this game also have a mic to communicate with your team.

My ingame graphical settings (which is tested and based on a lot of streamers and pro players):

  • Resolution – Maximum native, fullscreen with vsync off and max monitor hz (wider view for advantage).
  • FOV – 90 (wider view for advantage).
  • Texture – Medium (you can turn this higher if your rig can handle it).
  • Filtering – Linear (additional fps).
  • LOD – High (so you can see high detail from afar, if a player is camping in the dark or whatnot, you may turn it higher if your rig can handle it).
  • Shading – Low (additional fps).
  • Shadow – Medium (so you can see the shadow of a roaming player, if you turn this to low you won’t see it, you may turn it higher if your rig can handle it).
  • Reflection – Low (additional fps).
  • Everything Else – Off (remove worthless effects and for additional fps).

My ingame mouse settings (preferential):

Note: You will need the mouse app/driver to adjust the cpi and polling rate. If it does not have an app from the disk that came with it or the brand/vendor website then buy a mouse that does have adjustable parameters.

  • Mouse CPI – 800 (stay within 400-1200 because you need accuracy for this game).
  • Polling Rate – 1000hz / 1ms (for that flicks).
  • Multiplier – 0.02 (default) (I tried experimenting on this but ♥♥♥ it I kept it default to avoid headache).
  • Raw Input – Off (this sometimes gives players problems later on depending on the patch update so I turn it off).
  • Sens Hor – 20 (this is what worked for me with 800 cpi, best if you experiment with your cpi).
  • Sens Ver – 20 (this is what worked for me with 800 cpi, best if you experiment with your cpi).
  • Sens Ads – 35 (this is the sensitivity when you right click your mouse and aim with your sight and this is what worked for me with 800 cpi, best if you experiment with your cpi)


This is most important aspect of the game that separates the potatoes (noobs) and the tomatoes (tryhards). This basically covers character mastery, map mastery including tips and tricks.

Before I start discussing the 3 aforementioned knowledge subjects, please start playing the game as a newbie by finishing the situations (tutorials) with 3 stars and practicing terrorist hunt solo from normal to realistic as you get better and faster.

Golden Rule: Reminding you again that you need earphones and a mic to play this game well. Having earphones will let you know where the enemy is coming or shooting from. The mic helps you communicate with your team mates the area call outs where the enemy is last seen, please just say it once audibly so you won’t mic spam your team mates and they can hear the enemy.

Character Mastery

About the individual operators, you need to read and watch youtube videos about them then practice them one by one to learn their skills, weapons, gadgets and capabilities so that you may effectively use them properly or counter them.

Armor trait defines the amount of damage you negate and how heavy and noisy you are (Higher values is thicker and noisier). These are usually your Anchors on defense where they stay on site.

Speed trait defines your movement parameters when walking, running and crouching including sneaking which is the alt button (Higher values is zoom zoom). These are usually your Roamers on defense where they stalk their prey. This is usually my playstyle.

Weapon Attachments

  • Supressor – Generally frowned upon because it diminishes the weapon’s damage. Only used when using sneaking tactics because it doesn’t show bullet trail and has the most miniscule sound effect.
  • Flash hider – The most balanced barrel attachment. This is my go to personal favorite on all my guns.
  • Compensator – Mostly used for full auto weapons that are great at cqb like the vector .45
  • Muzzle Brake – The best attachment for semi-automatic weapons especially all pistols.
  • Extended Barrel – The black sheep of the attachments, it is a tryhard. All it does is extend the range of the weapon, it pales in comparison to the others.
  • Laser Sight – Only used for cqb, mostly shotgun and pistols during hip firing (no ads) but it is a double edge sword because it lets the opponents know where you are.
  • Vertical Grip – It reduces recoil and helps in hip firing but I prefer the Angle Grip better.
  • Angle Grip – This is another favorite of mine because it reduces the ads animation time meaning you can enter ads mode much faster. This grip has saved my life many times before.
  • Sight and when to use – ACOG for long range engagements (holding a hallway or spawn peeking) or Holo (for close quarter combat, it is the best sight for cqb because it has the most visible area and smallest dot).

Attacker Regular Gadgets

  1. Breaching Charge, used to destroy wooden panels (window and doorway) also wood walls for passage and ceilings for peek downs. They cannot destroy concrete or metal.
  2. Drone, your most important tool that helps you survive because it is basically a wall hack. Don’t let your first drone get destroyed, its priority should help you get inside the building safely. Never scan the enemies because it will alert them and your drone will light up like r2-d2 on drugs revealing itself to enemies.
  3. Frag Grenade, very useful in getting free kills from static enemies. Just hold G or your grenade button and let it tick for 3 times before you let go so that they won’t have time to react. Throw them in vents, windows, doorways, etc make them bounce or shoot them like kobe (rip).
  4. Rappel, this lets you become spiderman but becareful of nearby windows or doorways because they might come out and shoot you because it makes sound especially when a window or door has a hole in it. Also it is harder to aim and shoot when in this position.
  5. Smoke Grenade, for obvious and common sense reasons since counter-strike this helps you block visual aide of any sort so use them during bomb plants or on mira windows or places where you think an enemy might shoot from.
  6. Stun Grenade, again refer to counter-stike flash bang, rush b.
  7. Claymore, plant this parallel in the floor near windows and doorways even stairways where enemies might walk through so you won’t be backstabbed by a pedo easily.

Defender Regular Gadgets

  1. Barbed Wire – this helps slow the enemy down and if they walk over it or try to destroy it you will hear it.
  2. Barricades – these are the wooden ♥♥♥ you can infinitely place in windows and doorways, only advisable during the 30 seconds because if you put it up you are defenseless.
  3. Bulletproof Camera – especially useful in long hallways or places out of melee reach from the attackers so they will think twice before pushing that zone.
  4. Camera – the Defender’s wall hack, with map mastery if you know where camera is destroyed it is obvious that the attacker is nearby that particular camera.
  5. Deployable Shield – best to place them in doorways so attackers need to think twice pushing a door or place it in front of yourself in a camping location like a turtle.
  6. Nitro Cell – we call this the meteor jam because you shoot it like a basketball and it explodes after clicking it again. It sticks to surfaces like walls and ceilings for another easy kill.
  7. Impact Grenade – mostly used for making rotation holes in walls or hatches for defenders which is extremely useful.
  8. Reinforcement – a metal structure that is hard to breach unless against hard breachers, it is also bulletproof. Before you put it up make sure you have many holes on the soft wall so you can hear the other side.

Map Mastery

There is not much to be said but to refer you to https://www.r6maps.com for map callouts and youtube for spawn peeks and rotation holes.

Tips and Tricks


The shortest segment of this guide and the most common question is how to get better. The answer is always hard work. You won’t get better if you don’t keep trying and practicing. This is why the 5000 hour player is better than the 500 hour player in any game because of experience.

Start by spamming terrorist hunt (normal – hard – realistic) first then move up to quick play, whether you win or lose, never give up or quit the match because quitters never get better. From losing or dying atleast you learn from it and prevent it from happening again. I am always learning from quick play or ranked, meeting new people is always fun.

Also only play Ranked with your own friends otherwise you won’t have the necessary teamwork and communication required to go to the higher levels but always remember the Golden Rule to always wear an earphone and have a mic.

Don’t forget to take breaks and enjoy life, remember this is just a game. You have a life outside it where you have responsibilities to attend to for yourself or for others. Don’t neglect them especially family time.

Known Errors

  1. Low fps while using Discord – disable Discord overlay and disable hardware acceleration in Discord.
  2. Mouse stuttering/lag (happens only when playing R6) – Remove any antivirus especially Avast. If it doesn’t work you need to update all your drivers. Temporary fix is using vsync frame 1 or frame 2.
  3. Low fps even with a decent computer – Close other apps, keep the game open alone only. If it doesn’t work try lowering the settings or upgrade your computer 😛 check for viruses/temp/usage. Sometimes all you need is some dust cleaning and new thermal paste.
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