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DreadOut 2 - Modding Configuration Files Guide

Created by Anfia   ::   Mar 2, 2020    

How to Mode Configuration of Files


Since this DreadOut 2 is using Unreal Engine 4, they have a similiarity when it comes for editing the configuration file (.ini files). If you have an experience editing graphical settings by editing their engine configuration files, this is where you can do. This trick may be useful and can be use for playing DreadOut 2 on low-end specs, or even playing on 4K+ resolution.

Open the GameUserSettings.ini using notepad or notepad++ on:

  • C:\Users\[Your User Account Name]\AppData\Local\DreadOut2\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor

Then, try editing all "sg." stuff on ScalabilityGroups.

  • 0 - means Low.
  • 1 - means Medium.
  • 2 - means High.
  • 3 - means Ultra.

  • For VSync, just change "bUseVSync" to either False (Off) or True (On).
  • Save it and then launch the game and see the result.


  • You can set "FrameRateLimit" for limiting your FPS at your comfortable play.
  • Set "bRunBenchmarkOnStartup" to False for better performance. By default, this thing is True, which is the game may be uncomfortable or unstable because the benchmark running in the background.
  • The rest of them mostly is used for custom resolution for different monitor display size users.

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