Unexplored – Crafting Recipies and Altar Guides

Unexplored - Crafting Recipies and Altar Guides
Unexplored - Crafting Recipies and Altar Guides


Red Altars – Daggers and any kind of sword are accepted. Generally rewards you with a magic weapon of any kind or strength potion.
Dagger> magic shortsword.

Yellow Altars – accept Life and healing potions (possibly anything realetd to life, needs more testing). Has a wide range of rewards with no real pattern i can see, often strength potions or scrolls.

Green Altars – accepts rations. Gave me the blessed buff with a 3 minute-ish duration.
Accepts Healing potion, gives life potion.
Accept life potion, gave +3 dagger of disarming.

Sigil Crafting

This is done at an anvil, by combining a sigil and equipment.

  • Death + Shield = Grim
  • Death + Cloak = Retribution
  • Metal + Helm = Hardned
  • Life + Helm = Clotting
  • Ice + Cloak = Cold Ward +1
  • Magic + Shortsword = Shocking +1

Effects (Buffs, Debuffs, Curses and Enchantments)


  • Blessed: Received from green altars. Gives a 30% damage reduction (unsure whether this includes damage over time or magic).
  • Cold ward: Protects against cold damage.


  • Disarm: Causes a hit enemy to drop their eqipped weapons on the ground.
  • Shocking: +1 magic damage and increased chance to stun.
  • Grim: Received by combining death with a shield. The shield deals 3 damage to the attacker, when blocking a mele weapon (seems to work on unarmed mele attackers, like lizards and bats).
  • Retribution: Death + Cloak. Summons a damaging ring of spikes around the wearer, doing low damage to everything in mele range.
  • Hardened: Metal + Helm. Makes the helm +3 and immune to both rust and acid.
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