Boris and the Dark Survival – How to Avoid the Ink Demon (Tips and Tricks)

Boris and the Dark Survival - How to Avoid the Ink Demon (Tips and Tricks)
Boris and the Dark Survival - How to Avoid the Ink Demon (Tips and Tricks)

In this guide whe talk about tips and tricks about the Ink Demon in BatDS, so you can have a much easyer game whit him. Some may not be that usefull, but you never know if they cold be usefull.

Guide to Avoid the Ink Demon


The AI of bendy isnt the best one, as it randomly goes around room to room. So if Bendy walks out of a Room he came from, it cold mean he returns 5-10 Seconds later to the exact Room again. Also Bendy always targets the most Big and Longest Corridors, which cold be a problem when you go into those Places. It isnt hard to trick the AI to make it harder to reach you, you can trick Bendy to go around objects and then use that operturnity to run for your life. Also another thing: No matter where you go, Bendy will always know where you go. If he once saw you, or you got all the Items, he will keep following you. You can use a Miracel Station to hide in, tough this only works when you didnt collect all the Items.


There are Rooms in the Game where you can hide whitout the Miracle station. Like in example the Corridor which has 3 Rooms there. You can hide pretty near the Wall near the Door, and the Ink Demon ether Passes by whitout seeing you, or he will go into the set Room. It depends on the Room itself and on luck. Tough you can pretty much trick the AI to go around a Pillar or so and run for your life, tough there are Rooms in the Game that can be pretty hard to get away from Bendy. As Such the T-Corridor, there Dodging is pretty hard, and needs alot of Luck. Once you got the drill whit all the Rooms, and know ways to stay away from the Ink Demon, you will be fine!

Miracel Station

You can use these to hide from Bendy, as theyre the only way to get away from the Ink Demon. The Best combination you can get is a Room where the Miracel station is whit a Bacon Soup Dispenser. When you collected all of the Items, the Ink Demon will know where you are. No Matter where you are, he knows where you are and follows you until he got you. You can hide in a Miracel Station, so he will go away. But when you go out of the Miracel Station, he imeadantly knows where you are again. Use these Tacticly right, and you may escape to live another Day.

Item Trick

If there are Items near the Evolator Room (or are mainly Items in the Room Itself), then you can try to pick them up as last. You can leave them there near the Evolator, and then when you got the more farther away or trickier ones you can collect these. This will be easyer to escape when you collected all the Items, as so you dont have to worry about the Ink Demon chasing you.

Unsure Trick: If you dont collect any Items, the Ink Demon Sholdnt Spawn. And you can ether know how the layout works, or unlock all the Lockers in there.*

Commentary from the Ink Demon

Whe have here the Ink Demon himself on the line, and where asking him some Questions about him and his Life.

Q1: What do you think of Buddy, and how did you threat him?

“Hes an total Jerk! He kept ignoring me when i tryd talking to him! I tryd to ask once what he tought about the Special effects i made, then he just ran away whit his Girlfrend or whatever she was. I wholdnt care if he dies, and i realy Hate him for that!”

Q2: What is your Purpos, and why do you do these things.

“I dont know, when i got born in the Ink i just wanted some Frends. But everyone was afraid of me only because i looked like a Monster, what was realy rude when i first was alive. When i tryd to get more contact i “acedantly” caused Chaos in the Studio, and it got to the Point where everything was ruined. Maybe it WAS my fault, but i think that old Man is the reason why this all happend in the first Place. So ill say: Not my fault, the Old Mans fault!”

Q3: What do you think of Striker?

“Well beside being a good Weapon to break trough Doors and destroy Walls and such, i dont care at all about this little Spider Boy”

Q4: How did you know where People where when you lost them out of your sight.

“I dont know…. maybe a Power of mine i got for some reason? Normaly i just guess where they go, and it seems always that im lucky.”

Q5: What?


Q6: What do you think of Meatly, AKA: You father?

“Oh, hes ok i guess. Tough i wish he whold actuly do somthing instand of just hiding in walls and doing his Stuff. Like when i asked he cold come over to me he said: Ok. And then he never came, when i asked him why he just said: I am Busy.”

Q7: What do you think of your Redesign of yourself, and your Previes Forms?

“Concept Me: Funny Guy. Alpha Me: Ok, but lacks any kind of Arms. Beta Me: Just a lazy and fat version of me, but mainly hes Ok. Dark Revival Me: Stinks for me, tough to be seuries he is creepy, but he seems to realy like showing that off… that Jerk. Unused Alpha Bendy: More Fat then Beta Me, but hes a pretty Great guy.”

Q8: Do you like Bacon Soup?

“I do, i realy like it! They dont lie, i realy love Bacon Soup. Tough it always stinks when i find one Bacon Soup and then its just Ink inside. Isnt any better when Sammy servces that to me, what brings me to the Next question Probebly…”

Q9: What do you think about Sammy?

“Total Creep, never liked him. He and his: MY LORD! and: Can i get an Amen? and Such. I just wish he was gone, tough i am planning to do somthing against that soon…”

Last Question: What do you think about the Future of your Game?

“Well, depends if the creators achieve somthing after that acedant in 2019. Im worried that they may fail and be forgotten, and that i am Jobless. Lets just hope they dont screw up again, and actuly achieve somthing…”

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