Slayaway Camp – Achievements Guide

Slayaway Camp - Achievements Guide
Slayaway Camp - Achievements Guide

Quick tips and tricks for finishing the game as fast as possible.


Story Achievements

First and foremost you need to complete all of the movies/story missions. There’s also a few misc achievements like killing a cop and such, that you’ll gain as you play through the game.

Gorepacks and Killers

To get all achievements will you need to buy some “specific” gorepacks aswell as “13” killers from the mystery box. you can see the specific names in the achievement list but if reguested can i make a table/list with all the gorepacks you need to buy.

Grind Achievements

This is how I found the last achievements to be. first of all you have to kill 666 victims across all slayayaway camp movies.

I’m not sure if you can kill people from previous movies and it will count towards the achievement, I think you just have to do as many levels as you can until you get the achievements. let me know if you know if you can kill people from previous movies and if it will count towards the acievement.

After the story will you have to play a lot of deleted scenes and nc-17 levels to do the last levels. you can find a lot of walkthroughs for the different levels.

After you’ve killed all of the needed victims are you most likely a bit short on cash to buy the remaining killers/gorepacks. Faces of the killed 3 is the best way in my opinion for this. you have to get 25 in a row nonetheless but after you get that achievement are you probably still short of money. Now its time to make a macro.

Macro for Faces of the Killed 3

The way i did it was to make a macro that pressed my mouse button every 1.6 seconds, that’s what worked best for me. and positioned my mouse over the play again button. This meant that everytime I would get around 1-2 in a row, then die and then reset automatically. then you can sit back, relax and maybe see a movie. just remember you’re macro is still on if you move your mouse.

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