Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem – Support Tank Guide

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem - Support Tank Guide
Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem - Support Tank Guide

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Guides:

Every group should have a support tank, in this guide I will explain to you how to build that class.

Class traits: very high survivability, very low damage, heals teammates, makes teammates more tanky (HP globe spam and buffing teammates with resistances).


Thank you for clicking on my guide, in this guide I will explain to you in detail what it means to be a support tank and will help you to choose the right build.

Things you should know before choosing to be a support tank:

  • You wont deal much damage.
  • You will spawn tons of hp globes to heal your group.
  • You have to take the aggro.
  • Communication with your group is key.
  • This build is not effective as a solo high level grinding build (even tho you almost cant die you dont have much dmg and killing bosses will take very long).

Now with this out of the way, lets begin.

Passive Skill Tree

Essential Nodes:

Blessed Mana

This is the most important node as it gives you and your teammates a lot of tankiness.

Selfless Courage

This is the second most important node because it also gives you and your teammates tankiness.

Example Passive Tree:

This is the passive tree which I advise you to build.

However you can take any nodes that complement a typical tank build and it wont change the effectiveness of the build by much.

For stats put all stat points in toughness.

Essential Active Skills

Sovereign Shout

This is the most important skill as it will be the one to enable you to spawn more and more hp globes (for every time you hit an enemy with a skill or an attack you will spawn hp globes). Try to cast it every time it is up.

Optionally to the modifications shown in the picture above you can replace modification 1 (raging berserker) and modification 3 (hold the line) with singular command. I only recommend doing that if 2 of the main dps in your group is meele as ranged dps classes wont be in the range of the shout.

Wings of Ishmir

This is your mobility skill. Use it to get around the map faster.

If you want to you can deactivate modification 8 (Relentless Pursuit) to not use up your stamina points per jump. This will however make you WAY less mobile. If you plan on using a catalyst instead of a shield in the offhand you can compensate that by choosing Aether Jump as an optional skill.

Tracker’s Reach

This skill lets you group enemies. For the most effective grouping I advise to keep modification 8 (Unrelenting Hunt) as it pulls enemies from all direction towards your position. You can however pick any modifications you want and it wont affect your effectiveness by much.

Optional Active Skills

After getting the essential skills you have 2 more active skill slots. For those two you can take any skills that feel right for you and complement your playstyle.

I have however a few reccomendations:

Bleeding Edge

Bleeding Edge is my preferred attack skill as it attacks all enemies around you and hase a huge area of effect and can hit the same enemy up to 3 times cast (with the modifiers I chose), which means that every enemy in a 3.5m radius can spawn hp globes 3 times.

Winter’s Grasp

If you have a catalyst and dont need any mobility this skill is very good to freeze enemies which can be very beneficial for some ranged dps builds and also can be used defensively.

Aether Jump

If you have a catalyst and want more mobility this skill is perfect for you. It can also be used as an escape tool in case you need to wait for your allies to revive.


Get as much toughness, resistances and hp as possible.

  • Toughness > Resistances > HP

For weapons/offhand you should either use a shield to be more tanky or a catalyst to have more utility.

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