BARRICADEZ – Beginners Guide

BARRICADEZ - Beginners Guide
BARRICADEZ - Beginners Guide

Beginners Guide

You are a wandering repair robot in the middle of a post-apocalyptic urban center. After decades of your lonely, daily operations, an escape pod suddenly comes plummeting to the earth, and rather near your location. With all the trepidation and curiosity a robot can feel, you open the pod to reveal… A baby human. Not many of those around anymore.

You are thrown into this game with only a short cutscene before you are pitted against a huge wave of wandering zombies. They are attracted to the presence of the child, and you must give it your all to protect the cradle. Don’t worry, your base walls will hold — At least for tonight.


To hold down the fort, you’ll need defenses, and thus materials. Drop down into The Caves and start digging away. At this point, you’ll want to collect sand, wood, and stones to start. Then break some of the rusted, broken down machinery for some scrap and miscellaneous parts. There is also an abandoned factory somewhere nearby. Maybe it has some useful items…

Base Building

Once you’ve collected a small stockpile, head back to base and try to get your bearings. *You can stop time during the day to help you with planning and building. Even if you remove supporting blocks, other materials and stations won’t fall while time is stopped, so use this to easily rearrange chests and crafting stations.

If you don’t already have them, you’ll need a Workbench and a Forge. Build the forge at your workbench and get it working, burn some of that wood you collected to make charcoal, then continue using the charcoal to fuel the furnace. Use the workbench to make sandbag blocks or spikes, to block or kill zombies as you choose. And then you’re safe, right? Wrong! Spikes and sandbag blocks alike will be destroyed easily, but they should get you through your second night. You’ll need to continuously beef up your defenses to succeed in this horrific place. If you feel confident, you should continue mining in The Caves while the zombies are attacking. Those are precious minutes you can spend collecting more resources.

You’ll also need to build a Chemistry Station to create Trap Fuel and other important goodies for your defenses.

After an attack, any remaining and damaged blocks or traps can be repaired by holding the right mouse button. Repair many items automatically by upgrading the Repair (Wide-Area) skill (See *Engrams)

Through underground chests in The Caves, or through purchase by Engrams, you can obtain excavators. The Rotary Excavator can mine sand, wood and ores in a circular area and collect all the materials in its inventory. The Vertical Excavator will continue to dig straight down until its inventory is full, or it reaches the bottom of The Caves.


Engrams can be collected when zombies are killed or die, as well as when you mine certain items in The Caves. You will use Engrams to upgrade your skills as well as unlock and upgrade new types of traps for your base defense. While “Pickaxe Hardness” seems like a decent upgrade to start, remember that you can begin mining harder ores with any excavators you find and save those precious points for upgrading new trap types. Most skills are pretty self-explanatory, but if you find yourself running low on certain materials, you might try the “Wonder Formula” upgrade. You can start using substitutes for some pretty bread-and-butter crafting recipes. If you are feeling a bit cramped in your Building Area, you may look into the “Purify Area” upgrade to expand your building boundary.


Let’s get right into it. You’ll need these, and a lot of them. However, in your limited building space, fortune favors the creative base-builders. Most traps will require some sort of consumable to operate. Many require Trap Fuel (Made from Charcoal in the Chemistry Station), though others will take bolts, rocks, barrel bombs, you name it. Let’s break down each trap type below! Be sure to store all of your consumables in the Supply Depot to automatically supply the traps. Also, check the diagram in the Supply Depot UI to see which traps need which consumables.


These basic traps can be crafted from the very beginning. As enemies walk in them, they take damage, the spikes take damage, everybody’s happ— The spikes take damage?? Yes, that’s right. If the durability runs down to 0, you’ll have to rebuild and re-place them from scratch. If they manage to survive the night, you can use your repair function to top off on their durability.

Spring Wall / Spring Floor

The Spring Wall is a harmless, but useful trap. When touched by an enemy, it will activate and fling any enemy(ies) in its range with a large amount of pushback. It has a fairly long cooldown and does no damage, so you’ll need a flexible mind to put this one to use. The Spring Floor is essentially the same, but it will fling your foes in an upward-diagonal direction. Requires Trap Fuel for each operation. Check these posts for our development team’s builds:


My personal favorite, if not for the effectiveness, then for the throwback to the famed Greek and Roman battle strategies. It’s a box… With a spear sticking out of the front and back, and not much more description needed. It has decent damage and pushback, but as with every trap after the modest spike, it requires a consumable (Trap Fuel) to operate.


Slap a crossbow on a tripod and call it a day. The Arbalest Trap will shoot Iron Bolts or Steel Bolts from the Supply Depot in a straight horizontal line at your enemies. Iron Bolts will hit the front runner and deal a reasonable amount of knockback, while the Steel Bolts will lose the knockback effect, but deal a little more damage and can penetrate through multiple enemies.

Now forward to the truly devious traps.


This is the heavy artillery if there ever was one. Rain Boulders and Barrel Bombs on those unsuspecting shadowy blobs! This is a ranged weapon that targets enemies within range and deals heavy damage. This trap can be faced either direction, and is especially useful when put on a high, safe platform away from lurking creeps.


Scorch the earth with the patented BARRICADEZ© brand flamethrowing floor trap (Hellfire). This particularly grisly trap will smoke the fat right off of those bloated giants. Useful for dealing damage to many enemies, you can torch them to reduce health even before running through these next few deadly traps.

The Tenderizer

Zombie steaks anybody? Pound them into a slimy pulp with the spike trap’s jock-cousin, the Tenderizer. It will extend a panel of needles into the Zeds that walk over or under it. The cooldown is a little long, but the damage (and the satisfying feeling) is worth it.

The Pendulum

The large, swinging blade that is an insane torture-enthusiast’s dream. Set these bad boys up under a bridge and set them loose to deal AoE damage to the unfortunate enemies who follow this path.

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