SYNTHETIK – Strategy Guide

SYNTHETIK - Strategy Guide
SYNTHETIK - Strategy Guide

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This guide contains all found in game artifacts.

Guide to All Artifacts


Artefacts are special items unlocked by finding rare green crystal fragments from enemies, crates, and other usual sources. By collecting three of these artefact fragments, or by opening an artefact crate, you’ll be prompted to choose one of three to four random artefacts. The benefits of that artefact then persist throughout the run. 



  • All upcoming item and weapon shops, as well as upgrade stations* cost 35% less.

* – Includes Weapon Upgrade Shrines and Item Upgrade Shrines.


  • Gain one additional Dash charge and 5% dodge.


  • Increase weapon carry amount by 1 and grants two weapon upgrade kits.


  • Ricochets deal 125% additional damage. All bullets gain 20% chance to ricochet.        


  • The first dropped weapon comes in an ultra variant.


  • Increases healing by 30% and adds 3 charges for class healing items.


  • Upgrades starting pistol weapon damage by 25% and minimum heat by 25.


  • Removes movement speed penalty on firing and grants immunity to slowing effects.


  • Terror level is decreased by 30. Deal 35% more damage to Elites.

Pure 759

  • Increases the chances of all powerups appearing by 50%.


  • Enemy Friendly Fire increased by 75%. Friendly Friendly Fire set to 20%.


  • Increases poison, fire, bleeding, and radiation damage and increases the maximum stackable damage by 35%.


  • All self-affecting buffs and debuffs last 40% longer.


  • Increases critical damage, critical strike chance, and critical chance cap by 15%.


  • All items cool down 25% faster and the next item found is heavily upgraded.
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