Dead Cells – Daily Challenge Guide

Dead Cells - Daily Challenge Guide
Dead Cells - Daily Challenge Guide

Daily Challenge

Note: the challenge resets at midnight UTC +1 (time zone of the dev’s, France). I’ll explain the point system but I’ll not give the points for each specific enemy.

Unlocks (see blueprint column in the gear sections). Every day only 1 run counts towards completion. Runs do not need to be consecutive for the unlocks.

  • Swift sword (1 run)
  • Lacerating aura (5 runs)
  • Meat skewer (10 runs)

The map is randomly generated as a normal run but can have a big variety in enemies (does not contain all kind of enemies). The boss at the end is always the concierge.

You have 4 minutes and 30 seconds for a run. Dying or running out of time will still save your score.

The style and background change every day with the map itself so it looks like another biome. (Slumbering sanctuary biome style can be both versions. You don’t need to search a switch if the biome-style is sleeping sanctuary. You can always speedrun to the boss).

Gear is found on pedestals and in (sometimes cursed) chests mostly. Scrolls are spread normally throughout the level but they can be epic scrolls (+1 to all stats, also found in cursed chests).

Point System

Normal enemies can give points ranging from 2 to maximum 12 (depending on the enemy) Points don’t change for enemies (each enemy is worth the same amount every run, every day and this applies to all enemies of the same kind).

Elites are worth the normal amount of point * 5 (ranging from 10 to 50 (not all enemies have elites otherwise it would be 10 to 60)).

Defeating the concierge gives 270 points.

Bonus Points

In the level are blue stars that can be picked up. These give a 5 point bonus per enemy killed and can be stacked (5/10/15/… per enemy for 1/2/3/… picked up stars in short succession). Each star-bonus only lasts for 15 seconds.

Points Without Killing

Chests: opening gives +20, cursed chests give +5 on opening and +25 on surviving the curse.

Wall rune: 20 points, Gems give 10/25/50 or 75.000 points. (Malachite/amethyst/ruby and Philosopher’s stone).

The philosopher’s stone is very rare and if found most likely gives you the number one spot in the ranking (let’s be honest 75.000 points wtf).

Tip for the Daily Challenge (Slight Spoiler for 4 BC)

Don’t do the daily challenge on 4 or 5 BC. Enemies that are locked after BC can still spawn if you are playing on 0 BC for example but that is not the most important bit. Enemies won’t teleport. The challenge, enemies etc. all stays the same but they can’t teleport after you like in 4 and 5 BC. This makes the daily challenge a bit easier.

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