Forager – Where to Find All Secret Rooms

Forager - Where to Find All Secret Rooms
Forager - Where to Find All Secret Rooms

In this guide you can find all locations of secret rooms.

The Secret Rooms Overview


This guide introduce a collection of all secret rooms to get Secret Finder and Enlightened feats.

About Secret Rooms

Secret rooms are hidden small rooms behind breakable walls. Breakable walls are characterized by a cracked sprite.

They can be broken by almost any weapon with AOE, such as bombs, rods (except Necro Rod) or explosions caused by Demon Sword or Bow. Other tools or weapons don’t work, such as pickaxe, shovel, sword swing or bow arrows.

There are a total of 14 secret rooms scattered across dungeons and the Wizard’s Tower.

Ancient Tomb

Room 1

  • Immediately right of entrance.

Room 2

  • Big room just before getting Thunder Rod.

Room 3

  • Above the Patrolling Shockers

Skull Maze

Room 1

  • Immediately right after entrance, go straight-ish down.

Room 2

  • After big room with 5 braziers.

Room 3

  • After secret room 2 and before Necro Rod

Fire Temple

Room 1

  • Bottom right of large double room.

Room 2

  • Below 6 light switches room.

Room 3

  • Right above white skull key.

Room 4

  • Room on right wing of the temple blocked by vines and right before blue skull key.

Crystal Cave

Room 1

  • Bottom left room.

Room 2

  • Top left room.

Room 3

  • Below Ice Rod (I forgot about this room and had to seach through all dungeons again for the last room… Now I’ve got this guide in case I forget about them in the future, again…).

Wizard’s Tower

Room 1

  • Inside the sneaky old wizard’s tower.

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