Stoneshard – The Best Way to Weaken Then Kill Enemy

Stoneshard - The Best Way to Weaken Then Kill Enemy
Stoneshard - The Best Way to Weaken Then Kill Enemy

The Best Way to Weaken Then Kill Every Enemy!

Distance is core for this strategy to work, in cases of hunting or killing enemies.

Regardless of your set of skills/class, own a bow and develop the first Active ability. And preferably develop the other passive ability on left of the first one.

All that is done?

First Hunting: Creep on them! make sure they are not on the edges of the screen. You want them in four-six predictable blocks. So you can activate the ability and start hunting. (Don’t poke the Bear in the beginning). Most animals will take two-three arrows to drop. Keep in mind: you won’t always get meat or pelts.

Second Killing Enemies: For this to work make sure that your other load out is ready (sword and shield) by pressing W it switches for you. You don’t want to do it manually every time.

Next, you want them on the edge of your screen or as far as possible, and sit still. They will slowly crawl to you as you are taking shots. Don’t expect to kill everyone, but you would have done a significant damage. So, by the time they arrive, a hit or two by other load out will do it.

Extra Tip:

  • Iit works in dungeons and everywhere else. Just make sure you have a step or two to switch load outs and use a defensive ability if you have one.
  • I find it working exceptionally well against wolves and weaker enemies.
  • Keep in mind the ability almost always guarantees a hit. But sadly it runs out, at base level, after every shot. So, make sure to activate before every shot. If you develop it, it’ll increase. 

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