Hollow Knight – Radiance Tips

Hollow Knight - Radiance Tips
Hollow Knight - Radiance Tips

Hollow Knight Guides:

General tips that will help you beat Radiance.


Equip Unbreakable Strength and Quick Slash.

Choose one

  • Dashmaster, Sprintmaster, Sharp Shadow for high mobility.
  • Mark of Pride, Longnail for high range.
  • Flukenest, Shaman Stone for spell power



  • Use Desolate Dive/Descending Dark to disable Spike Floor and dodge attacks.

High Mobility

  • Dash downward to dodge Sword Burst and Beam Burst when right over Radiance to also deal extra damage.

High Range

  • Staying below Radiance allows you to not get hit by Sword Rain.

Spell Power

  • Use Flukenest at close range to deal high damage to Radiance.
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