Bloons TD5 – How to Make the Steeley Achievement

Bloons TD5 - How to Make the Steeley Achievement
Bloons TD5 - How to Make the Steeley Achievement

How to Make the Steeley Achievement Less Undoable

Steely is an achievement which is unlocked by popping 250,000 Lead Bloons.

Since there are very few Lead Bloons in regular games, this is unarguably an achievement that I’ll take a huge amount of time to get. You’ll encounter a total of 277 Lead Bloons in a Hard or Impoppable game.

Replaying the Special Mission “Wizard Lord” is an effective way to receive the achievement, as it has 1,247 Lead Bloons. However, this will still force you to play the mission a total of 201 times… This mission takes roughly 430 seconds to complete. From start (0 popped Lead Bloons) to achievement received, you have to gather 24 hours of playtime on this mission.

Here is my method to make these 201 playthroughs more doable…

  • Immediately after starting the mission, spawn 14 Dart Monkeys anywhere on the map. These will act as a sacrifice for the Wizard Lord.
  • Wizard Lord will endure all Bloons until Round 16 (when MOABs appear). Simply use the Super Monkey Storm to clear all MOABs.
  • When regular bloons start to get too intense, use your phoenix.

This method has made me less involved in the mission. It gives you time to concentrate on other things during the minutes you spare.

You’ll need 11 Super Monkey Storms per mission. This will add up to 2211 SMS’s during your 201 missions, costing $110 550. Adding your total reawrd for the missions makes your total loss at $30 150

If this is an amount you’re willing to spend, you should consider this method.

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