Stein.World – Where to Farm T2 Fiber, Hide and Tin Ores

Stein.World - Where to Farm T2 Fiber
Stein.World - Where to Farm T2 Fiber

Since there is barely no info about this game online except for the wiki I’ve decided to try and help whoever is grinding leatherworking with this. After a few hours searching for a place to farm hide and fiber consistently I’ve found this place and thought I might share it with anyone else who might, as I did, searching the web for a place to farm ♥.

What You Need

  • Preferably a wand with 400+ damage.
  • Patience.

Farming Geledur Sandy Cave

This place is the best I’ve found because its a round cave and the respawn can keep up with the farming so you dont have to go back or wait for resp and you can lure 3 most of the time without them running away. Since I wouldnt be able to explain everything I’ve made a short video on how to run and how to lure the mobs without them running away.

  • For T1 (torn hides and dirty fiber) you can farm the wasps east of farshore cemetery.
  • For T3 you can farm the skeletons of WH since you will need to farm the keys you will get fiber and strong hides there.

One hour of farming results: 110 hides + 140 fiber + 250+ ores.

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