The Walsingham Files – Full Walkthrough (Chapter 2)

The Walsingham Files - Full Walkthrough (Chapter 2)
The Walsingham Files - Full Walkthrough (Chapter 2)

This walkthrough helps you navigate The Walsingham Files – Chapter 2 game. It contains heavy spoilers so if you enjoy solving the puzzles on your own, better not check it. Otherwise, enjoy!

Walkthrough – Part #1


You start off by playing as Marc Walsingham. I usually set from the Options menu the Always Dash On as I like to move faster in the game.

You move to the right and Sam catches up. After a short dialogue, you move up and to the right until you find the entrance to the Park. You quickly hide from Visconti and after she leaves you also avoid the Rangers so nobody knows you’re here to free Sara.

You can read the announcements on the bulletin board. Move to the right, all the way to a trash can where you pick up a bent spoon. Move up to the camping site with 2 tents. There are sleeping campers here so you don’t disturb them. There isn’t anything in the trash can except empty beer bottles. Light up the fire. This will cause one of the Rangers to come out to issue a fine. You hide and then run automatically.

One down, one to go. Move all the way down and to the left then and then all the way up to a powerboard. Use the bent spoon to cut off the power. You can now enter the building where Sara is being held. Talk with Sara and then go up the stairs. Get the rubbing alchool from the medkit to the left and go back down to Sara.

Escape through the back door of the building. After an explanation, Sam picks you up and drops you off at the safe house. Enter the house. After a quick exploration of the areas where you can enter, you get to choose the only empty bedroom at the end of the hall and go to sleep.

Walkthrough – Part #2


Play as Diego and go visit an old friend in the police station – inspector Moore. Speak to the person at the reception and then go up 2 flights of stairs and to the last room on the left. It seems Diego is employed by the Prestons to find their daughter. Check the file on the table after speaking with your friend. Someone has been targeting uni students. Go outside and to the right and enter the hotel.

Half an hour later, play as inspector Moore. Exit your office and speak with Detective Sergent Lucy Wilson. Go down to the lobby and you’re going to be stopped and sent off to check a single vehicle colision. Lucy joins you. Exit the building and take the first blue car after the 2 police cars in the parking lot.

Get out of the car and go up. Take the lead as Lucy. Speak with the Officer at the barrier. Advance up and check the car on the driver’s side and back right door. Check the note to your right, in front of the car. Check the car on the passenger’s side. Check the back door on the passenger’s side. Check the trunk. Check at the edge of the left barrier. No skid marks.

Go to the left and down until you find the lookout point (a tall building). Go inside. Check the chair, the cigarette butts, shell casing, the hole in the wall, the window. Go outside and back to the Officer at the barier. Talk with him. The victims were the Prestons.


Play as Sara. Wake up and go to the kitchen. Speak with Mark. Join him and Sam and leave the kitchen. Bump into Blake. The group splits up. You end up with Sam going to Crowe’s Bay.

You can go in the archives and speak with the person at the desk. You can read the books here. When going outside the parking lot you can go to the left. But before doing that go directly down to the trash can that is full. Get a wire hanger. Right at the end, on the left, there is the Bolt Pharmacy that you can visit. Hear a fight here.

The building next to it, on its right side is Andersen’s Cupcakes. Enter and order cupcakes if you want. They cannot give out any.

Exit and go up. The next street to the left houses the delivery center, Sunrise Delivery Corp. The building itself is locked but there is a keypad. You can attempt to guess the combo – 6 digits. To the left of the building there is a green box that is a mail box. You need something to jimmy it open. Use the wire hanger. There is a note there referencing ‘Oceans of Storms’.

Visit the archive. You need to read from the upper, left shelf the Manned Lunar Landings. There is a reference here to Ocean of Storms. 19 Nov 1969 or the code, 191169. Go back to the delivery center and enter. Attempt to read the note on the floor. It’s in spanish.

Go on to the door in the back. There are lockers in the next room with the following combinations that you can get after checking each one:

  • 123
  • 581
  • 321
  • 345
  • Locked
  • 144

You need to open the locked one. I’ve spent way to much time trying to solve this. Sooo, here’s how it goes:

  • 1+2=3 first combo.
  • 2+3=5 first number from the second combo.
  • 3+5=8 second number from the second combo.
  • 5+8=13 third number from the second combo and the first from the third combo.
  • 8+13=21.
  • 13+21=34.
  • 21+34=55 first number from the locked combo.
  • 34+55=89 second and third numbers from the locked combo.
  • So the combo is 589.

Steal a couple of uniforms and go to the cupcake shop. Inform the baker that you’re picking up the order for Consuela.

Go to the pharmacy and get laxatives. ‘Niagara Laxatives’:) Go to the upper end of the main street towards the guys guarding the entrance. En route, Sam spikes the cupcakes with laxatives. After you give the cupcakes to the guards they run away to the toilet.

Enter the house and read the note on the floor. All the doors are locked. Check out the grandfather clock and the bookshelf. Enter the last door on the right.

Check the microwaves. Get a key. Go upstairs. Read the note on the table. You receive a clue regarding ‘The Souls of Mars and Colossus’. Use the key you found in the kitchen on the door to the right.

Everything is locked in the bedroom. You can attempt to find the password to the PC, but it’s about 8 digits long or the emergency cache which is 4. Go outside. You can listen in on the guards if you want. They’re having… problems. Sam is evil. I love her. Visit the archives.

You need to the check the shelves from the lower side, the one on the left. The Battle of Trafalgar Order of Battle Part 3. Here you find referenced Mars and Collosus. The souls on each of them are 615 and 571. You can get the password by adding them. Go back to the mansion. Go to the PC in the bedroom and attempt the password for the Emergency Cache. It’s 1186.

Listen to the Soundbytes. You will need to input the password for every Soundbyte. Exit the room and Sam informs Marc of the findings. Go outside the house and speak with him.

Walkthrough – Part #3


Play as Lucy again, accompanied by Moore. Go to the hotel next door. Speak with Diego. Check with the receptionist for mail. Read the letter. It’s encrypted. Remember the note with the weird characters? You can use it to decrypt the letter.

It’s a rather easy cypher. A=B, B=C and so on.

The letter reads as follows:

Hi Ian, Go to the Lincoln Building, third floor. I rented out a locker and put a file there for you. The locker is R5 C3 and the password is the queen’s birthday.

Go outside and to the car and drive to the Robin Hood Office & File Storage.

There are four buildings here:

  • Lincoln Northampton
  • Derby Leicester

I looked up the queen’s birthday. It’s 21.04.26 The locker is on the row 5 (R5), the third locker from the left (Column3). Read the file.

Play as Mark, accompanied by Sara.

Go up towards the building and have a short dialogue. Continue up. To the right there is a building where you can speak with a scientist regarding a presentation happening tonight. The computer gives you access to the Science Office Registry.

Go outside. To the very left there is another building with lockers. Leave it alone for now. Go up, past the building in the middle, go right and hear a conversation between two officers. Go to the left and up and hear another conversation between two other officers about a lost ID and key.

Go to the building in the middle. The computer will give you access to the Officer Registry. Now go to the building on the left. Check locker 5-8 from B. Forbes. He left it unlocked and left his key and ID here. Go to the building in the middle. You can try on all the doors from the hallway but they will all be locked. Go to the left, at the end of the hallway and try door 1-A. You can use the key here.

Read the note on the floor and note the code for today is ‘Trafalgar’. Go out and to the third floor. All doors will be locked on the second and you don’t have the key. On the third floor there will be 4 large doors. You need to put the code in the second door from the left. So Trafalgar is the code in the note. What you need to open the door is actually the date of the battle of Trafalgar. Which is 21-10-1805.

Enter the room and read the note on the table. Check everything in the room. The Admiral left his ID in the drawer right across the computer and a key on the desk of the computer. Go out and to the science building to the right. Check the registry again to make sure you know the door number for Baumann. Go to 3-A and use the random key you found before. It works!

Read the note on the desk.

You play as Lucy now. Check into the hotel. Get another cryptic letter. You can use the same cypher as before to read it.

Here is the letter:

Meet me at the old warehouse by the lake. The key is beneath a large stone behind the hotel.

Get out of the hotel and check for the large stone behind it. Get the mysterious key. Go to the left all the way to the end and up to find an old warehouse with bloody windows. Go in. Check everything and try to open the safe deposit box. Go out and meet Phil and Sara.

And now to await chapter 3. Hope you liked the walkthrough.

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