Incoming Evil – Full Walkthrough

Incoming Evil - Full Walkthrough
Incoming Evil - Full Walkthrough

This will probably be pretty spoiler heavy so read with caution, my friends.


Incoming Evil can be completed in less than an hour.

I had a lot of trouble with the game at first so that is why I made this guide. I hope this can help people who were really stuck like me. I had to break this up into parts because each section has a character limit. I’ll try to keep it as smooth as possible.

Good luck! And may the odds be ever in your favor.


Here are a few tips to help make your life a little easier in this game:

  • Try to use your flashlight/lighter sparingly if you can. Eventually you can turn on lights in most of the house so you probably won’t need them much.
  • If your light runs out, you can refill it from your inventory by pressing ‘Tab’ and using your mouse wheel to scroll to the correct fuel (fluid/battery).
  • Keep your eyes peeled for small details. Sometimes there are important items hidden under a bright red book or behind an upside down painting.
  • Turn off your light source if you are going to check your inventory. It continues to consume fuel even when you’re digging through your bag.
  • Check the diary often. It can be easy to miss alerts for updates so it helps to hit tab and check every once in a while.
  • Run as much as you can. When you run, it gives your light source less time to consume its fuel.
  • If you are having a hard time picking something up off the floor, try crouching(Ctrl key) to get close enough to grab it.
  • Don’t forget to hit ‘enter’ when you input a code for a door.

Walkthrough: Part #1

This is full of spoilers! You have been warned!

Boot up the game and click play. Sadly there isn’t much that can be altered in the video settings. This game badly needs a darkness slider.

Begin a new game and you find yourself on a road. Run forward until you come to a big house with a large fence and a small cabin on the side.

Clicking on the door will tell you that you need to check the cabin. Go around the left side of the cabin to see a ladder on the side. Use the ladder and drop down into the cabin.

Explore the cabin for a moment. Remember the ladder behind the TV here. You’ll need it later in the game.

There are two doors inside the cabin. The door to the outside has a bolt on the top and the other door leads to a small room. Open the door and enter the room. Inside the room you will find a note, a photo, and a gun you can’t pick up. Take the note and the photo(if it’s too hard to pick up, try using your ‘ctrl’ button to crouch), then unlatch the front door and head through the now open gate to the house.

When you enter the house you will notice three paths that you can take. The door to the right leads to the basement, the stairs go up, and the left doorway leads to the living room. Go left.

On the desk you’ll see another gun that you can’t pick up. Turn around and walk past the fire place. Behind the phone is an upside down painting on the wall. Click it to reveal the key.

Take the key and bring it to the door near the pretty statue. Right-click to show it and then left-click to use it. Boom! Opening doors is a little tedious.

Enter the room and notice the large fuse box on the wall. You’ll also notice a large red button on the wall to the left of it. These red buttons are light switches! They will be invaluable once you get the power back on.

Head back into the living room and unlock the door to the left of the fireplace with a cabinet beside it. Go inside the bathroom and take the note from the floor. Then look at the mirror and take the photo to progress the game.

Return to the room beside the pretty statue and use the fuel box. Yay! Now you can use light switches!

Walkthrough: Part #2

Go back to the front door of the house. Go upstairs and use your key on the door all the way at the end of the hall.

Enter the room and notice a peculiar painting on the wall. Click on it and collect the photo. Exit the room and you will see that the room next door is now mysteriously open!

Click the light switch near the door to illuminate the room. In the back, you’ll find a file cabinet with a note hidden in the second drawer and a VHS tape in the third drawer. Take them both and run back downstairs to the living room. Time to watch a movie!

Once you get there, right-click on the VCR to select the tape and then left-click to put it in. Click on the TV to turn it on and click on the VCR a second time to play the video. Right-click on the TV once it starts to watch in fullscreen.

When it’s over, the diary will tell you that you need to find the place you saw in the movie. Great.

Run upstairs and look at the opening in the ceiling. The game will tell you that you need a ladder. Remember the ladder we saw behind the TV in the cabin outside? Let’s go get it.

After you’ve grabbed the ladder, run back upstairs and click to use it on the opening. Then click again to climb up. You’ll find an attic-type space. Make note of the blood on the wall and walk left-ish into the back area where you will find a bright red book on the floor. You might have to crouch to click it.

To the left of the red book is a camera and some film. Pick these up and go back to that bloody spot on the wall. Hit ‘7’ on your keyboard and line up a shot, then click to take the picture. Wiggle your mouse back and forth to ‘develop’ the photo and you’ll see what you captured. Creepy! Collect the photo and walk over to the only door that is up here.

It has a combination lock on it that is solved using the arrow keys on your keyboard. If you check your diary, it should give you the answer: 2685. Unlock the door and go inside. On the floor is a key in the center of the pentagram.

Go down the ladder and back downstairs to the front entrance. Use the key on the door to the right of the stairs. You might have to use your scroll button to select the correct key when you right-click to open the door. Enter the basement.

Follow the stairs down into the basement and you’ll find another door. Open it and step inside the red room. Another door code! No worries, just hit ‘7’ to equip your camera and point it at the wall behind you with the red lines. Take the photo to get the door code: LEHE.

Enter the door and you are now in the dungeon. On the ground as you enter is a torch with some oil. Neat!

Follow the stairs all the way down and make a right. Follow the hallway to a strange shiny metal door near a prison cell with a large lever in the back. The game will tell you that you need to find something to interact with the lever.

Turn right and continue down the hallway until you come to a person who is handing upside down. Behind them and on top of a barrel is a handgun with a clip full of bullets. Grab them both and return to the shiny door near the lever.

Hit ‘1’ on your keyboard to equip the gun and aim it between the bars to shoot the lever. Bang! The shiny metal door is now open. Oh look, it’s the place in the movie that you were supposed to find!

On the floor next to the man is another photo. Pick it up and head back down to the area where you found the gun near the hanging body. Follow the dungeon hallway to the right and all the way down to find another locked door. Look to your right to see a large pillar that you can rotate. Another code!

Check the photo in your inventory. The one you just got from the room with the corpse. You can hold right-click on it and scroll your mouse wheel to zoom in. From top to bottom the code is: Viking, Boat, House.

Walkthrough: Part #3

The door will open to an extremely long hallway. Follow it all the way to the end and take the book that is on the floor.

Turn around and run all the way back through the dungeon to the basement door and leave. Use your health pills if necessary on the way out.

Once you’re out of the basement, go back to the living room for a brief surprise. When you’re able to move again, go past the fireplace to the pretty statue near the room with the fuse box. She has blood on her now and a very hard to see key inside the shell she is holding.

Take the key and use it on the door directly behind you to enter the kitchen. On the table you will see a small purple vial and a knife. Pick them both up. Checking your diary tells you to burn all the items you have gathered. Cool. Exit the kitchen and return to the fireplace nearby.

Press ‘P’ in front of the fireplace to add the items to the fire and turn around to see what happens.

After the scary moment, run to the front door. The game will tell you to leave so listen to it. Open the front door and run out of the house. Keep going down the road until you get to your truck.

Game over! Good job! Well done! I hope this guide was able to help you.

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