PickCrafter – Sun Biome’s Introduction

PickCrafter - Sun Biome's Introduction
PickCrafter - Sun Biome's Introduction

This guide would explain the new long awaited Sun Biome; It’s basic mechanic, Pickaxes, and things that you could do there.


The sun is a new biome that was added back in 31 January 2020. You would be able to unlock it after prestiging for the fifth time. 

Unlike other biomes, you need to craft 250 Rocket Fuels before proceeding to said biome in the Furnace.

Rocket fuels could be crafted with 1 Enderium, 1 Amethyst and 10 Endstones.

The whole crafting process could be sped up with one of the following:

  • Anti-Chronos Pickaxe
  • Fork (Pickaxe)

After unlocking said biome, the game should reward you with The Sun achievement. For some reason, when this guide was written, that achievement doesn’t get triggered instantly. Please re-send “ach123” or “forceach” in the AMPCode section in the future.

Sun Mechanics

Upon reaching the sun, you would notice that there’s a new status debuff immediately applied to you.

This Overheat status effect should Increase its own number for each second you’re in this biome. After reaching 100 Heats value, you wouldn’t be able to find any other blocks that’s not Sunspot.

To remove this status effect, you could try to obtain the Cryo status effect or just LEAVE the sun. Keep in mind that the effect doesn’t stack.

You could get the Cryo effect by activating Frost Aura ability; which also refreshes your ability and enables instant block breaking.

This ability would give you 30 minutes of Cryo.

And then you could also use Ice pickaxe that you obtained back in the Tundra biome. You might find It’s instant break power to be monotonous, but It would give you 5 minutes of Cryo.

We still got another alternative, which would be the Arctic Copper Pickaxe. You could obtain this pickaxe randomly from any chest (Except Ender Chest).This pickaxe would explodes 40 blocks and grant you the Cryo effect for 5 minutes.

And lastly, if you don’t have any of those for some reason and had participated in the last Winter; perhaps you would have bought this Candy Pickaxe. This pickaxe does would also let you break blocks instantly and grant you the 5 minute Cryo effect. 

How to use the Gas Compressor

The gas compressor is a new ability that was added not that long ago, v.5.0.0 that you could get from any chest; rarely.

Currently, you could use this ability to extract a specific amount of gas from a biome.

Here’s a detailed level and statistic of the Gas Compressor.

  • Level 1 | Fills 25% of the bar; gives 2 Gas tanks after 4 uses.
  • Level 2 | Fills 35% of the bar; gives 4 Gas tanks after 3 uses.
  • Level 3 | Fills 45% of the bar; gives 6 Gas tanks after 3 uses.
  • Level 4 | Fills 55% of the bar; gives 8 Gas tanks after 2 uses.
  • Level 5 | Fills 65% of the bar; gives 10 Gas tanks after 2 uses.
  • Level 6 | Fills 75% of the bar; gives 12 Gas tanks after 2 uses.
  • Level 7 | Fills 85% of the bar; gives 14 Gas tanks after 2 uses.
  • Level 8 | Fills 95% of the bar; gives 16 Gas tanks after 2 uses.
  • Level 9 | Fills 100% of the bar; gives 18 Gas tanks after 1 use.
  • Level 10 | Fills 100% of the bar; gives 20 Gas tanks after 1 use.

At the time being, you could use this ability in the Sun Biome to obtain hydrogen tanks. These hydrogen tanks could be used in the Furnace as a crafting recipe for Q-bit and Dyson Sphere.

I have to mention that, this Ability is not affected by the Ability Buffer and It’s also one of ability that’s not available in Artifacts.

Newly Added Entity


This update also added some new entities, which one of them happens to be a ridiculously fast comet. Said entity would spawn naturally in the Sun or from the Heart Pickaxe (alongside with other entities).

To destroy the comet, you could do one of the following:

  • Spam-click it at the right time, right on It’s arc.
  • Repeatedly chucks a bunch of Snowballs from that ability.
  • Use Chronos Pickaxe or Sono-Chron Pickaxe’s ability to slow the time.

After you’ve killed the comet, It would drop a somewhat random amount of Comet Dusts. You could increase the comet dust amount by using the Snowball, if you happen to have one.

The comet dust doesn’t have a shaped crafting recipe when this guide was written.

And then, after you’ve repeated the process above for a quite long time, You could purchase a Comet tail from the Shop that would give you another +2000 PPS. Remember, you would going to do this whole thing for almost every Prestige.

New Pickaxes

This update has added two new Pickaxes.

The first one is the StarCore Pickaxe. You could purchase this pickaxe in the Shop for 250 Starcore blocks and then upgrade it again later for the same cost.

The game describes this pickaxe as “A high energy Pickaxe crafted from elements of the sun” which is somewhat accurate. For some unknown reason, It says that the Pickaxe had the default On-Fire ability, even though the Pickaxe itself clearly an instant use.

This pickaxe seems to be secretly putting a 1 minute countdown and disables Sun’s common blocks spawning, which means that only Plasma and StarCore blocks would appear in the Sun.

The second pickaxe that they tehnically did repurpose was the Plasma Pickaxe. You could purchase this game in the Shop for 500 Plasma blocks and then upgrade it again for the same price. You used to be able to obtain this Pickaxe early by playing their other game, a.k.a CoffeCraze

The game describes this pickaxe as “A radiant pickaxe discovered from the nearby star”. This pickaxe used to be a “free-version” of the Laser Pickaxe because of how easy It is to obtain one.

Similar to the laser Pickaxe, you could click and hold while this Pickaxe is equipped to click faster automatically. It’s ability is basically like the default Instant block break, but with an actual lasers sound effects.

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