Dishonored 2 – All Souvenir Locations

Dishonored 2 - All Souvenir Locations
Dishonored 2 - All Souvenir Locations

On the levels you can find small decorations and trinkets, which will subsequently end up on a special shelf in your cabin on the Fallen House. Collect them all – earn the achievement “Souvenirs”

Samuel Bechworth Carving

  • Assignment: A Long Day at Danwall
  • Location: Royal Treasury

To find this souvenir, go down to the royal treasury and turn right, into a small room. The carving of Samuel Bechworth, the boatman from the first part, will lie on one of the shelves.

Front Guard Helmet

  • Assignment: At World’s End
  • Location: Addermere Station

Before leaving for the institute from the Addermere station, we kill or stun the front guard (Note: red uniform and black helmet)

Syringe from the Addermere Institute

  • Assignment: Good Doctor
  • Location: Vasco Cabinet

Having reached the hall where Alexandria Hypatia will be located, we are looking for the screen of the half-dead Vasco, he will tell you who the real royal killer is. After he gives us the code for the safe, we immediately go to his office (Do not touch Dr. Hypatia in any case). Going down the stairs to the second floor, we need to open the door on the left, save Hamilton or we pass the enemies into the far Vasco’s room, unlock the safe, take the antidote prescription and the key to the laboratory, which is located next to the office.

To prepare the antidote, we need to take the syringe with the main serum from Vasco’s laboratory, then we will need the blood of the infected (the corpse of the infected can be found on the third floor in the room with the hives of cadaverous wasps, in front of the main hall of Hypatia). After we find the infected person and take the blood from him, we return to the laboratory. Going to the table pours the antidote into the flask, turn on the burner under it and take our cherished antidote. We rise to the office of Hypatia and apply serum to it.

Watch Soldier Head

  • Assignment: The Mechanical Mansion
  • Location: Any sentry soldier

When you reach the Kirin Jindosh mansion, shoot or tear off the head of any watch soldier to get the appropriate souvenir.

Whalebone Blade

  • Assignment: The Royal Kunstkamera
  • Location: Kunstkamera Building

The souvenir is located inside a small glass display case on the fourth floor of the royal Kunstkamera. For reference, use the office of Brianna Ashworth, which is located directly under this place.

Picture – Boat on the Approach to the Shipyard

  • Assignment: Dusty Quarter
  • Location: Shop en route to the Rangers outpost

There is a small neutral zone between the witch’s saloon, where Paolo has settled, and the rangers’ outpost. On its territory is a locked and mostly untouched store. Break the wooden blinds to the left of the entrance to get inside, and remove the picture from the wall.

Prize from Verbena Blade

  • Assignment: Dusty Quarter
  • Location: Corvo Atanno Abandoned House

Before reaching the outpost of the caretakers, turn left and go forward until you see a small lane. Climb up and break the barricaded window. In the back room, pull out a few loose bricks from the wall to get the coveted prize.

Calendar 1849

  • Assignment: Crack in the Universe
  • Location: Piano Room

The calendar is in the room with Aramis Stilton (In the present tense) and with the help of the Temporary Compass we move to the past. The calendar is on the coffee table nearby.

Gazelle Chip

  • Assignment: The Grand Palace
  • Location: Abele Vault

The penultimate souvenir is on a small chest of drawers behind the statue of Dalila Kopperspoon in the duke’s vault. Access there can be obtained by robbing Abele himself.

Doll – Mrs. Pilsen

  • Assignment: Death to the Empress
  • Location: Royal Treasury

The final decoration is located in the same room as the carving of Samuel Bechworth. You can pick it up either before or after the final battle with Delilah. The doll you need is next to the sink.

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