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Lords Mobile - Guilds Guide
Lords Mobile - Guilds Guide

Guilds Guide

While Lords is a game focused on building your castle and gaining the most one can, it is more complicated than only going out and waging war on everyone around you. The game can be played alone, but alone means a lack of bonuses and missing out on most of what Lords offers. This is where guilds come in. Holding up to 100 players, guilds are how players stay safe, make alliances, grow without the fear of constantly being attacked, and get to know all the other people playing. Because of all these awesome perks, it is vitally important to join a guild. But Lords is not just being in a guild. It is also participating and giving your all. I am going to run through guild basics and dive deeper into the importance of them.

So, why join a guild?

Guilds offer many perks: protection, gifts, coins, alliances, all of which help a player grow. They give you players that most likely have a similar vision to yourself and they want to grow as well.

How do I join a guild?

Well, going into settings allows you to search for both players and for guilds. You have the ability to select a guild based on either a language or by searching for a tag.

What’s a tag?

Guilds are all named in English and they all have a 3-character tag. This tag allows you to search for them and to let you know who they are. There are so many guilds out there and finding one that works for you is the most important thing.

How do I find a guild that works for me?

People look for different things in guilds. Real life friends, the gift level (see below), the amount of people, the overall might. All of these different things affect the guild. I suggest guilds with above 50 players to be able to get a real experience playing with other people. The higher the gift level, the more you are able to benefit in that guild. Many guilds have requirements on who can join them. These requirements are often based on your might, which increases as you level up, research, build, and train troops. When guilds set a might requirement, it is to allow them to be able to build their own guild up into a fighting guild, as that is what this game is about. Joining a guild based in a language you understand is very important to be able to understand and get along with everyone else there.

So I have found a guild that works for me. What now?

Awesome! You’ve found a guild that you fit into. You should get to know your fellow guild members and begin to look into all that the guild has to offer. What are those perks, you ask. Let me explain.


  • When you begin a construction or a research you have the ability to ask for help. This is an orange button that says help. Press the button. Your construction or research will be sped up by a certain percentage based off of how much time said task takes.
  • When you press the icon in the bottom right hand corner that has two people shaking hands, you are sending the help back to the members of your own guild. Always, always press this button.
  • However, and this is VERY important, you are only able to send help to guild members in the same kingdom as you. Keep this in mind, as it takes 810,000 guild coins to buy a migration scroll.

Guild coins

  • When you press the help button, you may see that you gain these silver coins. They are extremely helpful. Every day, you are able to collect 40,000 guild coins from the help you send to others. Even after you max out at that many, you have the ability to continue to send help.
  • To spend the guild coins, go into your bag, to the third tab on the right side. This is the guild shop. Here you are able to spend your coins.
  • Guild quests: these are found next to the admin quests, and it is important to make sure that you complete these because you gain guild coins from it as well. Make sure to complete these.

Guild Shop

Since the only way you are able to spend these coins is if you are in a guild, it’s vital to your growth that you are. The shop itself has 5 tabs: unique, resource, speed up, combat, and chest. Each of these tabs allows you to buy different things to grow.

§ Unique: Here you are able to buy different items, including relocators, random relocators, name changers, and talent resets. These are all important, especially the relocators and the talent resets.

  • Resource: The Guild Shop gives boosts for each of your five resources. I have found this to be the best place to spend my coins, because I am able to boost the amount of resources I am producing. This is a must.
  • Speed Up: This is a given, but personally, I don’t buy many speedups from here. Gems offer a better deal for a longer amount of time sped up. However, the gathering boost is very important if you spend a lot of time gathering.
  • Combat: This section has the all-important shield, for 8 hours only. I definitely buy these when needed. It also offers different boosts for offensive and defensive fighting.
  • Chest: The Guild Shop offers rare material chests, which will give you common – rare materials which can be used to upgrade equipment which is also vital to successfully fighting and growing.

Monster Hunting

You see them, the different monsters, levels 1 – 4. You can research how to better attack them, your ability to do damage depends on your heroes and research level. But you only get to hunt them if you are in a guild. Why hunt them you ask? They give you the different rewards, like materials, speed ups, gems, and resources. Always spend your energy because it does no good sitting there and once you kill a monster, you gain a gift.


  • Gifts come from killing monsters usually, so once you kill a monster, the rest of your guild is able to benefit. If people buy packs, a bonus, depending on the amount of money spent, also goes here.
  • When you buy packs, the guild gets the bonus as well. These bonuses give you more keys than normal, which helps to level up the gift level even faster.
  • Once you open enough gifts, you fill the large box on the left. These are gained by the whole guild opening their boxes, which collects keys. Opening these will help the guild gain experience for the gift level. The higher the gift level, the better gifts you receive.

Wow! All that seems complicated. Is that all I do in a guild?

Of course not! Those are only perks to being in a guild. It is a lot more than that. A guild is its own mini system of which you are now a part of. Let me explain. Every guild has its own way of running and its own system of how it does things. I have been in several different ones, and each of them is run a little differently. They all have some basic things in common, though.

The Ranking System

  • Each guild, which holds 100 players, has 5 different ranks, rank 1 to rank 5, commonly abbreviated r1, r2, r3, r4, and r5.
  • Rank 1: This rank is commonly made up of new members and members that are on probation. This is the lowest rank in the guild. You can always be promoted by following the rules your guild has set and actively participating in all that they ask for.
  • Rank 2 and 3: These are players who have contributed to the guild, done well in events, shown their loyalty, etc. R3s have done more than r2s of course, but the individual reason for promotion depends on the leader.
  • Rank 4: These are the players who help run the guild. They are the ones who help to set rules, enforce rules, help the guild run smoothly. You should always listen to them, as they have to the power to kick you from the guild.
  • Kick me from the guild? What does that mean?
    Players are kicked for inactivity or not obeying the rules that the r4/5 have set.
  • Rank 5: This player is the leader of the guild. It goes without saying that listening the them is all important. They set the rules and run the guild. They have to power to kick you or not. They are either your worst enemy or best friend, so listen to them.
  • Sometimes, the guilds use additional resources such as WeGamers to be able to communicate outside of the game. It is important to create an account with the desired app so that your leader and r4s are able to stay in touch with you.


Each guild creates alliances and agreements with other guilds to not attack them. DO NOT attack these people who are your allies. They are usually there to back up your guild. I guarantee that attacking them would mean you are kicked from the guild.

NAP (Non Aggression Pact)

These are guilds that you should not attack. Your leader has built a relationship and they all agree not to harm each other. I highly advise you not to attack them.

The Diplomacy Board

This is how different guilds alert each other of problems, along with helping keep them aware of different things. It is advised that players who are not r4/5 stay off of the board.

Guild Chat

Here you are able to talk with all the members in your guild, post your location, ask for help, whatever you need to talk about.

Guild Fest

This event is designed to bring together the guild. I will not go in depth here, as others have written guides about them (so check those out!), but participate. Your guild gets prizes for doing well.

Kingdom vs Kingdom/Kingdom Clash

Again, I won’t go into depth here (make sure to look at these guides as well), but participating will get both you and your guild points and prizes. Most guilds make participation mandatory, and I highly suggest giving it your all.

So I understand all of this. How do I help my guildmates out?

You can send them resources, reinforcements, garrison troops. These are all very important especially during a war or attack. You are there to help your guild, to help them grow, and they are there for you too. Make sure you do all that you can. Lords is a great game to be able to get to know each other. Happy gaming!

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