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Stellaris - Quick Tips (Basics)

Game:   Stellaris  |  Dec 13, 2017   
Stellaris - Quick Tips (Basics)


  • You can colonize outside your territory. This took forever to learn.
  • Don't be afriad to go over fleet size max to win wars.
  • Influence is really important. Don't ignore it.
  • Get variety of weapons on your ships.
  • Purging all the pop from a planet uncolonizes it. Oops.
  • Explore the galaxy!
  • You don't have to modifiy your entire species with bio upgrades/mech points.
  • Spare food influences population income.
  • Different planet attributes do matter to what kind of tiles they have by default.
  • Closing borders on someone who just closed borders on you usually causes war.
  • Trying to be friends with someone very close to you usually results in a war later on.
Written by R.Y.N.O
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