Split or Steal – Beginners Tips

Split or Steal - Beginners Tips
Split or Steal - Beginners Tips

This is a very short guide on how to master this game.

Basic Gameplay

You press the “join queue” button, and wait, when the thing pops up saying you have a game, join it. From here you can either split, or steal. Most people would prefer you split, and stealing can cause people to have a bias against you. Overall, I would recommend splitting.


Now, you may think that these are just for cosmetic purposes, and for the most part, they are. However, after spending C20,000,000 or more on them, you will start to slowly generate artifacts, also knows as “arts”. Speaking of which,


After a while, you will stop noticing the amount of money you are gaining. Artifacts can be gained in a few ways.

  • Spending money on cosmetics, as outlined above. 
  • Out and out buying them, this is not recommended until you have literally nothing else to spend money on. 
  • Your HQ, outlined below. 
  • Your Org, outlined below that. 

Artifacts are very powerful, as they increase almost every part of your power, including the parts used in heists, something I have personally never taken part in.

Your HQ

HQ’s are customisable, and are probably going to become your main source of income until you’re loaded with more arts than you know how to use, and as such, a fair amount of money will go into it.

The main things you need to know about your HQ are the following: you can get LOTS of money from it, it’s your main source of arts, it changes your karma based on what buildings you have (there are equal alternatives for both positive and negative), the prices go up for each building, and they can give stuff to your org.

Organisations, or Orgs

Short of your HQ, this will probably be your best source of income, so join one ASAP, and help build it up if needed. These are groups of up to 20 people who will have the Org name on their info thing in games, and who’s HQ’s will provide small bonuses, but that add up quickly, to each other. Other than that, they might have specific rules, such as “wear [outfit] and always split”. While this is uncommon, these types of org do exist.


Now, did you ever wonder what your attack and defence scores were for? Heists!

Now, I don’t know much about these, and will update this as/when I get more knowledge about them, but from what I know, you can organise heists, and people can join them. After the heist begins, the defending person will “roll” adding their defence score on in some way (as I said, I have very little knowledge about this), and the offensive team will “roll” and add somewhere between the overall minimum attack and their overall maximum attack. The lower your karma, the higher you maximum, the higher your karma, the higher your minimum. This encourages people of all types of karma to team up to heist.

Heists cost money to start, but if the person has recently stolen from you, the cost is reduced. If the heist is successful, an amount of the victims money will be split among the participating parties.

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