Loadout – Get Off My Lawn Achievement Guide

Loadout - Get Off My Lawn Achievement Guide
Loadout - Get Off My Lawn Achievement Guide

This guide will show you how to earn the Get Off My Lawn achievement

Invite alot of friends, be patient, and take charge!

Get Off My Lawn

Requirement: Use the hammer to destroy the enemy dropship in Annihilation

Before you start, you most note that you must have a total of 8 players, 2 seperate party lobbies full with 4 players in each lobby searching at the same time in Annihilation. I repeat you cannot match up with other players unless you have 2 full groups of 4. I suggest creating a discussion in the steam forums for help with this achievement or subscribe to previous forums that are regarding this achievement/game mode. I friend requested everyone I pretty much saw who posted in the forums and who I played with and asked them for help. Also you will need to make sure all 8 players are in the same sever, either US or EU. Its also helpful to let the other players know the primary objective of getting the achievement to avoid later frustration. Stating beforehand who will win/get achievement to speed up the process.

  • To begin go to the Fight tab in the main menu and select ranked (beta) which is the Annihilation game mode, and then select create party. 
  • Invite friends until your party is full. This is when you have to be patient, it takes time to get 8 players at once who are online and willing to party up. 
  • Coordinate with other group of four and once all 8 players (2 groups of 4) are ready hit start to begin queing for matches. This step might take awhile to connect with the other party. Somethimes it happens in seconds other times minutes. 
  • Once you match up and the game starts, discuss if you havent already which team will win and who on the winning team will use the hammer to destroy the enemy dropship. This will speed things up so more people will have time to get the achievement and there is no confusion. 
  • So basically Anihilation is a combination of Jackhammer (capture the flag), Blitz (point control), Death Snatch (Deathmatch). The initial goal is to score a total of 10,000 team points. 
  • Once a score of 10,000 points is collected, the shields protecting the losing team’s dropship are shut down and the other team can enter and destroy the dropship to win the match. 
  • The dropship can only be destroyed by a charged hammer. To charge the hammer, it must be stolen, brought back to the friendly dropship, and charged in the charging station. Upon being charged, it can be used an infinite number of times to kill other players, and must be brought back to the enemy dropship and used to destroy the power source inside. After this your team wins the game and the achievement is yours.
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