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Temtem - How to Assert Dominance on Aquamarine Haired Brat in Arissola 101

Created by sun6000   ::   Jan 24, 2020    

Temtem Guides:

Max is a cheating jerk who in most cases, is probably gonna smash your face in for the simple act of trying to board an airship. Boiling your blood vessels in the many ways he outclasses you. Here is how you turn the tables, and show why the professor loves you and not him.

Obtain the TemTem to Surpass Metal Gear

  • Get surfboard first, if you don't. Max is the LEAST of your concerns.
  • Go Thal...Thalas...Thalassian Cliffs!
  • Find the one body of water there and surf in circles!
  • Eventually find Nessla, the shocky water snek. Aka: Best TemTem fight me.
  • Catch the good boy/girl and make sure it has Electric Synthesize, that way zaps no hurt it, but instead heal it.
  • Train the SNEK.

Assert. Dominance

  • Do story progression until you finally have ticket to board air ship.
  • Place Nessla in the SECOND, spot in your party, make sure you have chain lighting (why would you not use it anyways?) Showing the shocky water snek to the world can wait.
  • Having Ganki (lighting buggo) is generally a great idea, so have him in the party as well.
  • Get ambushed for merely trying to board an air ship.
  • Battle begin! Keep his Ganki alive if you can, that idiot will feed snek chain lighting...and apparently, Nessla will prevent the lighting from hurting your friend! So no group damage!
  • Notice 5/6 of his team is weak to electric. Laugh at him.
  • Oree the robot boi, while he can also stupidly feed your snek electricity (at the cost of speed stat) it can still be a threat to Snek, luckily its weak to both electric AND water!
  • No shame in using a revive if needed
  • Luma Barnshe? That's a cute attempt to one up you.... Make him aware of the 4x weakness to electric and create fried owl Luma addition.
  • Platypus may cause issues to Snek so be mindful
  • Results?
  • Laugh in the kids face and take his lunch money!

Game:   Temtem
Created by sun6000.