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Temtem - How TVs Work

Jan 24, 2020    

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TVs are extremely important in the meta of Temtem as they dictate how well a Temtem excels in terms of its stats. They're a behind-the-scene mechanic that players concerned with competitive battles will need to learn and understand as soon as possible. For players less concerned with that, TVs aren't all that important.

Guide to TVs


Temtem doesn't really explain what Temtems are or how they work. Fortunately for you, this guide does.

Here's How TVs Work

TV stands for Training Value and they're similar to EVs of Pokemon fame. They are stat boosts that sit on top of your standard stats. You can only have 500 for a single stat like HP or Speed but only a grand total of 1000 across all seven stats (HP, Stamina, Speed, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense). Each species of Temtem yields a different TV once it's defeated.


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