Tokyo Tattoo Girls – Best Dialogue Option in All Wards for Every Character

Tokyo Tattoo Girls - Best Dialogue Option in All Wards for Every Character
Tokyo Tattoo Girls - Best Dialogue Option in All Wards for Every Character

Guide with the best answer on each ward for every character.


This guide will show you the best answer you can give on each ward with every character. This will award you the best PM and honor recovery bonus, and if you do it on each ward in a single playthrough you will get the “Total Domination” achievement for each character.

Karin Tama

  • Adachi: Clan bosses, partnership…
  • Arakawa: collect cute things
  • Bunkyou: I’m here to make friends
  • Chiyoda: I’m looking for my dad
  • Chuo: I’m going to visit my family
  • Edogawa: I came to make friends
  • Itabashi: We can get our old lives back
  • Katsushika: Lend me your strength, nya!
  • Kita: I want to live in Peace…
  • Koto: I’m here to make friends, nya
  • Meguro: To protect Meguro ward
  • Minato: I just want to live in peace
  • Nakano: I’m a friend, I’m not scary
  • Nerima: Everyone should get along
  • Ota: Let´s defeat the Syndicate
  • Setagaya: I want to be friends, nya
  • Shibuya: I want to be friends with you
  • Shinagawa: I want us to get along
  • Shinjuku: I want all the cute things
  • Suginami: I wanted to talk to you again
  • Sumida: Everyone should be happy
  • Taito: I wanna be your friend
  • Toshima: I want to be with my family

Mia Tachikawa

  • Adachi: I can protect you! 
  • Arakawa: My girlfriends love trains! 
  • Bunkyou: It´s time to take a chance 
  • Chiyoda: Anything to help my family! 
  • Chuo: Honestly, can you just help me? 
  • Edogawa: This Ward needs my help. 
  • Itabashi: Work with me to help Japan 
  • Katsushika: I need your Ward´s help! 
  • Kita: Good luck! Stay safe! 
  • Koto: Come on, take a chance! 
  • Meguro: I want to protect Meguro ward! 
  • Minato: Let´s fight for our sisters! 
  • Nakano: I need your spirit! 
  • Nerima: Help me get rich quick! 
  • Ota: I´m a good fundraiser… 
  • Setagaya: I want you to work with me 
  • Shibuya: Let´s join forces! 
  • Shinagawa: For money and freedom! 
  • Shinjuku: I want you to be mine! 
  • Suginami: Let´s take on the Syndicate. 
  • Sumida: We can all be happy! 
  • Taito: Work with me here! 
  • Toshima: For my sisters outside Tokyo!

Akika Machida

  • Adachi: I want to protect the city 
  • Arakawa: We can have a festival here! 
  • Bunkyou: Machida City can be peaceful 
  • Chiyoda: Let´s go to the Festival 
  • Chuo: Everything for peace! 
  • Edogawa: We can restore power~! 
  • Itabashi: To bring life back to normal. 
  • Katsushika: Because i love my home… 
  • Kita: I want to restore nature~. 
  • Koto: Return nature to Tokyo~… 
  • Meguro: This Ward has a lot of nature 
  • Minato: I wanted to talk to you two! 
  • Nakano: It´s sad, but it has to happen. 
  • Nerima: Help me with an art festival! 
  • Ota: Outsiders can live here too~ 
  • Setagaya: I came for black tea! 
  • Shibuya: I think we can be friends. 
  • Shinagawa: I think we should have a talk 
  • Shinjuku: Kabukicho is getting popular 
  • Suginami: I want to have an art festival! 
  • Sumida: We can be happy again~. 
  • Taito: Give me your strength! 
  • Toshima: Let´s learn from each other.

Kayako Musashino

  • Adachi: Such a sad person 
  • Arakawa: I wish to lead a pure life 
  • Bunkyou: I require your knowledge. 
  • Chiyoda: To lead a pure and proper life 
  • Chuo: Would you conquer with me? 
  • Edogawa: I will protect…the fishies 
  • Itabashi: Do you not care about Tokyo? 
  • Katsushika: The people need autonomy. 
  • Kita: Tokyo will be pure again 
  • Koto: I need your contacts 
  • Meguro: Become my ally 
  • Minato: Please, lend me your strengh 
  • Nakano: You have already lost 
  • Nerima: Become my protégé. 
  • Ota: Would you like to travel? 
  • Setagaya: I require your assistance 
  • Shibuya: I have come to protect you 
  • Shinagawa: I will help you, my sister 
  • Shinjuku: Return Tokyo to beauty 
  • Suginami: Lead a life of discipline! 
  • Sumida: Together, we can be happy 
  • Taito: I will take the top! 
  • Toshima: I require information

Chizuru Hachioji

  • Adachi: I do it for my family! 
  • Arakawa: I want to find my family 
  • Bunkyou: My family got split up… 
  • Chiyoda: I´m looking for my family 
  • Chuo: If I dont, who will? 
  • Edogawa: Boss to Boss, let´s team up. 
  • Itabashi: We can change Tokyo! 
  • Katsushika: I want to see my family… 
  • Kita: Just following my heart! 
  • Koto: I don’t like the Syndicate 
  • Meguro: I need to get out of Tokyo! 
  • Minato: Help me look for my family! 
  • Nakano: Because that´s what I chose 
  • Nerima: I want to find my family 
  • Ota: To get through the barricade! 
  • Setagaya: I want to escape the Syndicate! 
  • Shibuya: I want to find my family 
  • Shinagawa: For me! 
  • Shinjuku: Let´s break the barricade! 
  • Suginami: To look for my family 
  • Sumida: The people should be happy! 
  • Taito: Let´s join forces! 
  • Toshima: To look for my family

Chocho Choufu

  • Adachi: We can learn from each other! 
  • Arakawa: To search for my grandma! 
  • Bunkyou: I´m searching for someone 
  • Chiyoda: I want a good romance film 
  • Chuo: Tokyo would be a good set… 
  • Edogawa: But i´m your friend! 
  • Itabashi: We can get Tokyo back 
  • Katsushika: I´m looking for grandma! 
  • Kita: To get famous of course! 
  • Koto: I have to become a superstar! 
  • Meguro: Post this on social media! 
  • Minato: Oh, we should be girlfriends! 
  • Nakano: Only you can make your fate! 
  • Nerima: I need a good stage! 
  • Ota: I could use some info! 
  • Setagaya: I want you to help me! 
  • Shibuya: I´m looking for my grandma! 
  • Shinagawa: I could use an agent… 
  • Shinjuku: To make my name famous! 
  • Suginami: This is for my reel! 
  • Sumida: The film industry needs me 
  • Taito: We should do a film festival 
  • Toshima: You want my autograph?
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