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Forager - How to Get New Stuff (Nuclear Update)

Created by Fifi   ::   Jan 17, 2020    

Quick guide about how to get nuclear items.

Getting New Nuclear Items

QnA About How to Get Stuff

  • Q: How to get uranium,onyx relic and other nucklear stuff?
  • A: Void is the answer.Go to void,every 5 lvls you will get chest.Nucklear items are inside.

  • Q: How to upgrade structure to nuclear?
  • A: Use "Nuclear machinery", craftable in factory.

  • Q: What is difference between normal and nuclear workstation?
  • A: Nucklear station drop always double items! Whatever you need fuel to make them work.

  • Q: How to summon new endgame boss?
  • A: You need his sigil, craftable in sigil maker.

Game:   Forager
Created by Fifi.