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Project Torque - How to Grind RP/XP

Created by Goonzalo   ::   Jan 15, 2020    

Quick guide on how to grind/farm RP/XP.

How to Grind

All you have to do...

  • Step 1. Create a room (Arcade or Sim, doesn't matter).
  • Step 2. Choose Tokyo Wangan.
  • Step 3. Invite some friends or wait for people to join your room (You can 1v1, doesn't have to be full lobby, of course that would mean more RP/XP if you win).
  • Step 4. Start the race.
  • Step 5. Try to win the race (You can still grind if you don't but will be less RP/XP).
  • Step 6. Complain about someone ramming you and others.
  • Step 7. Profit!
  • Step 8. Repeat.

Created by Goonzalo.