Guild of Dungeoneering – Tips and Tricks

Guild of Dungeoneering - Tips and Tricks
Guild of Dungeoneering - Tips and Tricks

General tips and strategies to make your Dungeoneering easier.

Tips and Tricks

Note: Credit goes to Vormir

Tip 1: Pay attention to skills

When choosing loot, pay attention to the skills (fire, blade, holy, etc.) given by the item and the skill level. Skill levels will stack, so for instance an item with fire II and another with fire I will give you a total skill of fire III, which will in turn add the fire I, II, and III cards into your hand. Try to go for loot with the same skills on them to get to the higher skill levels. A few skills at high levels are much better than many skills at low levels.

Tip 2: Play to your dungeoneer’s strengths

The key to this game is to try to stack the deck (so to speak) in your favor as much as possible. One way to do this is to choose items and talismans that synergize with your dungeoneer’s strengths. For instance, build healing cards on the alchemist to maximize the benefit of blessed. Or build block cards on the bruiser, or card draw cards on the cartomancer. Some talismans work better with some dungeoneers as well, for instance the artificer and trickster talismans are just begging to be used together.

Tip 3: Not all Dungeoneers are created equal

My biggest gripe with this game is that the dungeoneers are not balanced; some of them are far better than others, and you will struggle to get through some stages of the game with sub-par dungeoneers. The best dungeoneers in each stage are the bruiser, berserker, and the cartomancer. So, unless you want an extra challenge, you should unlock these dungeoneers first. The ranger, shapeshifter, artificer, and holy grail knight are also quite good for their stage of the game as well.

Tip 4: More cards is not always better

Each card that you add to your hand is less of a chance of drawing any specific card in your hand. Therefore, having too many weak cards can ruin your chances of drawing your best cards when you need them. Be wary of picking up items that will add too many weaker cards to your hand. This is especially true on the berserker; he relies very heavily on drawing his Withstand card to survive, so adding any card to his hand decreases his chances of drawing the Withstand he may need to save his life. Its often best on him not pick up any loot at all rather than add low level cards that will clog up his hand.

Tip 5: Prepare for the boss

When you begin a level with a boss, before you do anything else mouse over the boss and check it’s information. Does it take more damage from magical attacks? Then build items with magical damage. Does it gain health when other crewmates die? Then dont fight any crewmates before you take it on. You can also look at what ability levels it has to get an idea what type of damage it will do. Pay attention to the ability types of monsters cards (ghoulish, demonic, poison, etc. listed on the bottom of the card) to get an idea of what monster abilies do which damage type. Knowing what you are going up against before you fight can give you an edge.

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