Temtem – Breeding Guide

Temtem - Breeding Guide
Temtem - Breeding Guide


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  • Breeding is a method to obtain new Temtem with moves they otherwise would never be able to learn. It also allows you to, through some behind-the-scenes work, manipulate the stats that the Temtem from the hatched egg will carry.

    It’s by no means necessary to complete your Temtem journey but if you’re someone after the best possible Temtem, breeding is something you need to put some focus into. There are many facets to Breeding and this page will break down everything you need to know.

    Temtem Fertility Value

    Every Temtem in the game has a fertility value assigned to it. This number is not permanent though as each time the Temtem helps produce an egg, the value is lowered. This prevents players from overbreeding a specific Temtem. Eventually, after enough egg cycles, a Temtem will not be viable for breeding.

    The max fertility value for a Temtem is eight and once that value is lowered, it cannot be restored. Each time a Temtem couple produce an egg, both Temtem involved will see their fertility value drop by one. The offspring will adopt the lower fertility value of the two parents after the egg is made.

    Temtem Compatibility

    For two Temtem to be compatible, they must share the same Type. If a Temtem has two types, which is possible in some instances, at least one of those types must match the other Temtem in the breeding relationship.

    What Hatched Temtem Inherit

    A Temtem offspring that hatches from an egg can inherit up to five different things:

    • Luma — A Luma Temtem is a Temtem with a varian color and it is a system most similar to Shiny Pokemon. A Temtem bred has the same chance as being Luma that any given Temtem has. If one Temtem in the breeding relationship is Luma, the chance of the offspring also being Luma is increased by a factor of 10. If both Temtem in the breeding relationship are Luma, the chance of the offspring being Luma is increased by a factor of 100.
    • Techniques — Temtem bread can learn Techniques that are a part of their species line and they can hatch knowing Techniques they can’t acquire in any other way.
    • Single Values — An offspring Temtem has a 40% chance of being born with the higher stats of the parents, a 40% chance of being born with the average of the stats of the parents and a 20% chance of being born with the lower stats of the parents.
    • Fertility — An offspring will inherit the lower of their parents’ fertility values. This number is calculated after the value drop that accompanies breeding.
    • Traits — Offspring Temtem do not inherit Traits and are instead randomly assigned a Trait upon birth. Their are items in the game that can be given to the breeding parents to ensure a specific Trait is passed on to the offspring.


    To get an egg, a player must breed two compatible Temtem. To do this, a player needs to go to a Breeding Center and leave two Temtem that are breeding compatible at the center. If the two Temtem are of the same type but not the same evolutionary line, it will take 25 real-world minutes for an egg to be produced. If the two Temtem are of the same evolutionary line, ti will take 15 real-world minutes for an egg to be produced.

    When the offspring Temtem hatches from an egg, it will be level one and it will be the first form of the female parent’s evolutionary line.

    Up to two Temtem couples can be left at a Breeding Center and the center can only hold one egg per pair. The time required to hatch an egg depends on the Temtem in the egg. The fastest an egg can be hatched is five minutes while the longest is 45 minutes.

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