Cuisine Royale – Beginners Guide (Tips and Tricks)

Cuisine Royale - Beginners Guide (Tips and Tricks)
Cuisine Royale - Beginners Guide (Tips and Tricks)


Cuisine Royale is a battle royale game like any other BR games. There are a few minor differences and a few unique things that make Cuisine Royale special. So lets get it started.

Minor differences

  • There is max 50 players on the server when the game starts.
  • No air drop, you randomly spawn.
  • WW2 guns with a few exceptions (AUG, MP5 etc.)
  • In game currency (souls), which you can use to cast abilities and draw mystic signs.
  • Special equipment.

As in all BR games, you can play solo, duo or squads with up to 4 members. Keep in mind that the game fills bots into the match. Solo queue games are the most filled with bots, from 45 players in the match, I would says 20 – 25 of them are real players, others are bots. But dont worry, you will have no problem killing them, since they carry almost no loot and have terrible aim as long as you dont sit still.

The game queues are very short, the reason behind that is mentioned above.

So the game concept is the same like any other BR game, you spawn, you loot, and you look to survive.


There are 4 different characters to pick from. Each of the characters has a unique ability you can use. The first two (Clyde and Annie) are free to play, the other two (Aztec and Viking) can be unlocked by completing 40 tasks or by purchasing a Weird West storybook in game.

So off to the abilities.


Her ability allows you to “slow time” for a couple of seconds. In that period you can easily shoot at moving targets and they are also coloured in red, for easier spotting. Bare in mind that the time is slowed only for you, the rest of the server is not affected by your ability. In other words, the game allows you to kinda “lag” for a brief period of time, so your enemies might even think you are hacking when u kill them with this ability, because they were already hidden but the bullets somehow still connected. It is the most special ability in the game. It costs 75 souls.


His ability transforms you into a beast for 10 to 15 seconds. In that state you regenerate health realy slowly, you gain bullet resistance, you can jump very high, you are very fast and you can only use your fists as your weapon but it is so strong that it usualy takes 2 to 3 punches to kill someone. Very good ability, especialy in coridors or houses. It also makes a loud noise when u use it and when it ends. Costs 100 souls.


His ability allows you to become invisible and walk faster than normal, you can’t be injured, you can open doors, windows, and you can climb. You can’t heal, use weapons, cars or anything else. You can only walk and interact with houses. The enemies can hear your footsteps. When u use the ability, you instantly become invisible and create a red smoke for a second so the enemies can see when you went into invisibility. A few seconds before your ability ends, you become very slow and make a loud noise. I mean, very very slow, almost like standing still. Cost 90 souls.


His ability is a skyfall. He revs up his hammer and flies into the air. Your enemies and weapons are marked while you fly down and you can move trough any obstacle. You can control the flying direction. On ground impact you scatter your enemies. The ability is very loud and you leave a blue trail while flying. You can instantly shoot when you land. Costs 100 souls.

Looting / Armor / Food

This section of the guide will cover the basics of looting, armor and food you can get in the game.


  • The loot is randomly spreaded on the map. The most frequent items you can find (descending order) are; Food, pistols, rifles, armor, bags, SMGs, shotguns, LMGs, fridges, modern weapons. Some of the weapons have no limit, but some as the SCAR, M4A1, Uberpan and similar have a spawn limit. For example, there are only 3 Uberpans per game you can find on the map (not including the fridges).
  • If you do not have the space to pick something up and u have a scope that is unmounted, mount the scope so you get the space required.
  • There are 4 different fridges you can loot. White fridge, red fridge, royal fridge, tactical fridge. The frequency of fridges are; white,red, royal, tactical.
  • White fridge gives you a small bag and 2 or 3 food items in 90% of the time. You can also get some armor and an equipment from it.
  • Red fridge gives you a medium bag, 2 or 3 food items and a couple of armor items 90 % of the time. Equipment is also frequent.
  • Royal fridge gives you a large bag, lots of food, armor and equipment and also an Uberpan.
  • Tactical fridge gives you tier 4 body armor with a tier 4 helmet and the rarest guns in the game like SCAR, MP5, AUG with an one piece equipment.
  • In the beginning of the game, looting is quite easy if you use one simple trick. You pick up everything that has a purple outline on an item. Purple means that the item you are looking at is better than the item you currently have equipped, or it means that your slot is empty and you should pick it up. Food is outlined with green color.
  • There are 3 different scopes, 3,5x scope, 4x scope and 6x scope. They are not automaticaly mounted so you have to mount them manually by left clicking them in your inventory.
  • You need a bag in order to carry more loot with you. The bag size is as followed; small bag, medium bag, large bag, large tactical bag. You also have a weight limit if you press tab, so you can do the math on what to carry with you and what to throw away.
  • Some guns come with more than one clip / magazine, but all of the guns are empty when you pick them up. Loading the gun is a must when you pick a gun up.
  • If you play duos or squads, you can ping loot for your teammates so they see them on the map.
  • You will find Aztec gold coins, pick them up as they have no weight and have no limit of how much you can carry. They can be used to gamble and win loot.
  • Some food types and grenades are heavier than magazines so you need to balance the type of items / food you are picking up if you are lacking space.
  • I always prefer to loot with a tab button and just left click to pick items up, and right click to discard them. Try to move from left to right if you are looting standing up, or just lay down. Remember to pick up items that are outlined with purple color or green.
  • There are 3 grenade types in the game, the grenade, smoke grenade and signal flare. The signal flare is the most useless, me and my friends have 400+ hours in this game and we have yet to see signal flare being usefull.
  • Most of the houses have attics, so be sure to check them out too.
  • Inventory explained in a picture


There are 4 tiers of armor for each body part. Tier 1 being the weakest, while tier 4 being the strongest. Also the weight is increased with the tiers.

  • Head armor
  • Body armor
  • Shoulder armor (left / right)
  • Buttocks armor
  • Leg armor (left / right)


There are 4 types of food if I’m not mistaken. Everything about the food will be explained in the list below. The rules are, if the food heals a lot, it also takes a lot of time to eat it and a lot of weight in your inventory.

  • Canned food box (Takes 2 seconds to eat, restores the least ammount of HP, is the lightest)
  • Canned food jar (Takes 3 or 4 seconds to eat, medium restore, medium weight)
  • Plated food (Takes 5 seconds to eat, high restore, high weight)
  • Royal dinner (Takes 7 seconds to eat, most restore, most weight)

I tend to always drop royal dinner, it’s too heavy and I prefer the combination of jars and boxes.

This is not the precise weight ratio, but from my experience it goes like this;

  • Food jar = 2 food box = 1 magazine = 1 grenade = 1 scope
  • Plated food = food jar, maybe a jar and a half.
  • Royal dinner = 2 plated food

Equipment and Classes

There is special equipment in the game that boosts your character, we will go trought every piece and describe it. You have 2 slots for equipment in your inventory, so you can carry only two at a time. Some combinations are very powerfull so I will let you know some of the combos (we will call them class) you can do with certain parts.


  • Seven league boots – Seven league boots allow you to jump very high (triple the amount of a normal jump). The boots are usefull for getting to high ground easily and surprising your opponent from up high. There are two downsides to it; the jumps make a lot of noise and its preety easy to aim at a person while he is falling after the jump.
  • Hermes knee pads of speed – The Hermes knee pads make you really fast, i mean really fast(40% increase in sprint speed). The downside to it is that your stamina also burns really fast(stamina drain is increased by 80%). The knee pads are a necessity if you are wearing high tier armor and if you are heavy. Since you are very slow with all the equipment on you.
  • Oxygen tank of breath hold – This allows you to hold your breath for 30% longer, and it reduces your stamina drain by 40%, and increases your stamina recovery by 30%. Very usefull for covering long distances if no cover is provided (woods, trenches, houses).
  • The IV Bag of Regeneration – The IV Bag of Regeneration heals 0.7 HP per second, it might be a small amount, but its very helpful in situations when you skirmish with someone and hide for a couple of seconds. You can also heal with it instead of using your heal items (food). The problem with it is that it is seen sticking above you, so you cant really hide in trenches and think you are unseeen.
  • Eagle Eye Glasses – 40% reduction in shot deviation, 50% recoil reduction, 40% reload time reduction. Really powerful stats for a skirmish. Almost a necessary item to use when shooting with a machine gun or guns that have high recoil.
  • Tough Cuban cigar – Increases your health by 40 %. A really strong item that can save you from a headshot or a PPSH spray. The problem with it is that the cigar has a glow that can be seen in darker areas of the map, and you leave a smoke trail behind you.
  • Nimbus protection – The Nimbus reduces damage taken from the zone by 70%. It’s a Halo above your head that shines very bright and can be seen in darker places, it also sticks above you like the IV bag, so even if your head isnt sticking out of trenches or roofs, the Nimbus is giving you away.


Some equipment combinations provide you good stats that make you a “class” soldier.

  • Blitzkrieg – The Blitzkrieg class consists of Hermes knee pads and Eagle eye glasses. You are fast and have very low recoil with low shot deviation. Can be used for flanking or coming behind your enemies back in a skirmish while they reload or heal. You can move all over the place and leave your enemies wondering where are you.
  • Endurance – Hermes knee pads with Oxygen tank allows you to run twice as fast for a long period of time. Works great with a sniper or SMG. You can reposition fast with a sniper, and close the gap very fast if you are using a SMG.
  • Mobility – Hermes knee pads and Seven league boots. You are actually a rabbit on steroids. U become very difficult to hit, but your ability to aim succesfully decreases. It takes a while to get used to it, but once you master it its a very fun and annoying (for your enemies) class to play.
  • Tank – The IV bag and Cuban cigar make you one hell of a tank. You are max HP and have self healing. Use this class if you are full armor stacked. You become very difficult to kill. Works well with a shotgun and picking your fights in narrow places.
  • Zone fighter – My personal favorite. Take the IV bag and Nimbus protection and the zone doesn’t exist for you. You take almost no damage in the first two zones since the IV bag heals you for the same amount of damage you have taken. Also the zone makes weird trippy noises so there are less chances your will be heard from the zone. Combine this with double shotgun or a shotgun and PPSH and just shoot your enemies in the back. The zone fighter class is not used that often, so enemies dont expect someone walking out from a zone that deals 1/8 of your HP per tick.
  • Jackrabbit – Seven league boots with oxygen tank make you a jackrabbit. You can bunny hop the entire map without losing any stamina. The stamina recovers a bit while you are in the air.

These some of the most often picked classes, there is much more combinations, but these mentioned above are the most used and have a specific style of play you can adapt to.


All of the weapons will be listed here.

Melee Weapons

  • Knife (your starting melee)
  • Axe
  • Striking flashlight
  • Machette
  • Viking hammer
  • Uberpan (Only 3 of them spawn on a map)

The strength of melee weapons are very simple to understand. The knife is the weakest, while all the other but the uberpan have the same strength. The knife will take you 3 or more hits to kill, others will take 2. The uberpan is the only weapon that can “instagib” or one hit. It also has a medium chance to deflect bullets and it makes a cool lightsaber noise when you use it.


  • TT
  • Walther P38
  • Luger
  • Mauser C96
  • Colt Walker
  • m1911 Colt

Pistols are quite often to find and come with 1 or more clips. The one that stands out the most is Colt Walker. Its a revolver, it has a slower rate of fire but packs much more power than other pistols.


  • Kar98k
  • AVS 36 (Semiauto) (Comes with only one magazine)
  • Gewehr 41 (Semiauto)
  • Gewehr 43 (Semiauto)
  • SVT 40 (Semiauto)
  • Mosina
  • M1 Garand (Semiauto)
  • M1 Carbine (Semiauto)
  • m1903 Springfield
  • Lee Einfield
  • Johnson rifle

IMO the strength of the rifles is almost the same for all, but currently the semiauto guns are the most valuable. The fire rate is a very strong stat in the game. All weapons but the Johnson rifle can mount scopes. Gewehr 41 and Gewehr 43 share the same ammunition.

Automatic Guns

  • Beretta M38
  • Thompson M1921AC (rarely comes with more than one magazine)
  • M1A1 Thompson
  • M3 Submachine
  • MP 18
  • MP 35
  • MP 40
  • PPD 34/38
  • PPD 40
  • PPSH
  • Sten MK2
  • STG 44
  • HK UMP45
  • MP 5 (Orbital fridge, tactical fridge)
  • Steyr AUG (Orbital fridge, tactical fridge)
  • M4A1
  • SCAR (Orbital fridge, tactical fridge)
  • AKM (Can mount scope)

The last 7 guns on the list are not as common as all others above them but you can still find them on the map. The MP5, AUG and SCAR can be found only in orbital or tactical fridge. All three PPDs can share bullets.


  • Winchester model 12
  • Ithaca 37
  • Luftwaffe M30
  • Browning auto 5

All of the shotguns come with minimum of 5 bullets. The strongest of them all is the Luftwaffe but the downside to it is that it can chamber only one bullet at a time. The Browning shotgun on the other hand, can store up to 5 bullets and has full auto option.

Machine Guns

  • DP27
  • MG42
  • Browning M1918 (Semiauto option)
  • FG 42 (Semiauto option, can mount scope)

DP27 usually comes with only 1 magazine. These guns are very hard to shoot with, it helps if you lay down while shooting. The recoil on the machine guns is very high.

Special Guns

  • PTRS
  • PzB 39
  • Panzershreck
  • Bazooka
  • Flare gun (Can craft it, or gamble it)

The first two items on the list are one hit guns. They have huge power, huge bullet speed, and huge range. The aim down sight has a decent zoom, so its easy to hit your targets. PTRS comes with only 5 bullets, while PzB comes with 10. The strongest and rarest guns in the game.

The bazookas are preety much self explainable. Comes with one or two shells.

The flare gun is a gun that you shoot in the air while being in the safe zone. In a minute or less, a fridge will fall from the sky (Orbital fridge) with very good loot in it. It is very visible and VERY VERY loud. So when you pop this gun, or hear someone pop it.. expect a party:)

Gambling and Rituals

Slot Machine

  • U can gamble using Aztec gold coins
  • A spin costs 14 gold coins
  • The slot machines are quite frequent, so you wont have trouble finding them
  • They make noise when you use them
  • You can win anything; from a pistol to a jet pack or flare gun
  • You can hit the jackpot, resulting in even more coins
  • Sometimes the machine drops bombs, so keep your eye on the prize and run away if you see bombs. Remember there are 9 bombs droped and they make a lot of noise exploding, so your position is known to everyone on the map


There are many rituals in game which can be crafted in the workshop by paying with cash you make by leveling up or completing tasks.

I will list a few rituals / traps and will be covering the usage of them in the advanced tips section.

Note that a ritual affects everyone on the map, while traps only affect the person who stepped on it.

  • Ritual of trembling hands (Everyone gets +300% recoil)
  • Ritual of fast run (Everyone gets 200% movement speed)
  • Ritual of moon gravity (You can jump higher and fall slower)
  • Zombie apocalypse (Zombies swarm the battlefield, attacking anyone they encounter)
  • Jump pad trap (Allows you to reach high ground by stepping on a trap, works for enemies too)
  • Frag grenade trap (Spawns a grenade with 3 second timer when trap is activated)
  • There are many more traps and rituals you can use, but the list is too big to write them all down, I will cover all of the traps and rituals in the advanced tips section of this guide.

Basic Tips

In this section i will cover the basic tips and tricks. Keep in mind that these will be really basic tips, for more advanced techniques check the “advanced tips” section of this guide. This section is for players getting started and learning from the scratch.


  • You can use anything in game for a cover, from trees to cars, fridges. The only terrain that is destructble are the doors and windows.
  • A lot of people camp in houses, that is especially true in the late game. Bait them out by throwin some grenades trough the windows. Always cook them for 2 to 4 seconds.
  • Reloading makes a lot of nosie, so do not do it behind a corner where enemies can hear you realoding as they will just colapse on you and score an easy kill. Move away and reload, or just swap to another gun.
  • Always aim for the body part that enemy has no armor on. For example, if they have body armor, shoot for the head, legs, arms. If they have a helmet, shoot for the body.
  • If you spotted an enemy with tier 4 armor and you have tier 1 or tier 2. Look for a perfect opportunity to engage on them. Do not randomly start shooting. Always make sure you have more % of winning the skirmish than your opponent.
  • Semi automatic rifles are very powerful if you know how to “spray” with them.
  • The game has just a little aim assistance when firing from the hip. Try to utilize that and see how it goes for you.
  • If you skirmish with someone, bare in mind that enemies can hear your gunshots and are probably moving closer to the skirmish you are having. So when the skirmish ends, be ready for a new encounter.
  • If you are hearing a gunshot and you have decided to move to it, you can be sure someone else is doing the same thing and he is moving to the same gunshots that you heard.
  • If you see multiple enemies shooting, try to single one out and kill them, or try to wait untill they all kill themselves and there is only one enemy left.
  • When skirmishing with an enemy your plan must be to shoot and move. Shoot and move. Shoot and move. This is the pattern you must repeat to avoid being killed like a noob.
  • If you have spotted the enemy and he didn’t spot you, shoot him only if you are sure that you can kill him. Don’t give away your position just for a couple of hits on you enemy. The element of surpise is a strong weapon in BR games.
  • Always have a “plan B” when you skirmish or are about to skirmish. That “plan B” should be an exit route or relocating for a better shooting angle.
  • Do not use scope when you are skirmishing with a rifle on a close range. Always take it off or use a SMG / shotgun.
  • PRIORITIZE high ground unless you are surrounded by enemies. In that case it is better to move downwards to coridors or inside the house.
  • If you reach late game and there is only you and two opponents left, NEVER shoot first. And i mean that. Do not give away your location. Always wait for the other two guys to start fighting. It will be easier for you to close the game.
  • Beast ability is very strong late game, just dont run straight forward into your enemy while he is shooting you with a LMG.


  • Don’t rush to loot a body when you kill someone or see a body in the middle of the map. Always check your area and go when you are sure there is no one near you.
  • The least noise you make when you are crouch moving.
  • If you see a bunker and it has a MG42 equipped, DO NOT go straight at it. ALWAYS flank the bunkers. ALWAYS.
  • Going prone and moving makes the most noise. If you go prone, do not move.
  • There is never another player in the same spawn spot as you. If you are moving from one village to the closest one, expect to find enemies.
  • First thing you want to do when you spawn, is find a weapon, some food and armor. This is your first objective. After you do that, relaod your guns and try to have a rough plan of your next move. Where are you heading and what kind of weapons you are looking for.
  • You are the weakest when you are traveling between locations, this is emphasised even more if you are armor stacked and slow as a snail.
  • Never walk around with your rifle equiped. Always carry a SMG or a shotgun, it’s much easier to react to someone shooting you if you have a SMG in your hands.


  • I personally do not pick up smoke grenades and signal flares. They just take up space and i rarely use them.
  • Villages with open doors have already been looted, loot them just in case if you really need some items.
  • When you spawn, always check how far you are from the safe zone and make a decision is it worth to loot the spawn point or is it better to move closer to the safe zone and then loot.
  • Check the attics in the houses, they have loot too.
  • There are certain places on the map where loot is more frequent and your chances of gearing up fast is higher. Try to learn them as you play and rush them if you spawn close to them.


  • The game is based on machine guns, rifles are useful in early game, but fall off as the game progresses. Try to always have a SMG if not two in your inventory. SMGs win games.
  • If you find a gun on the floor you can drag the bullets out of it. Most guns that have been loaded still have the clip in them when they are dropped.
  • Your bullets do not transfer to a magazine when you reload. Try not to reload a gun if you have 5 bullets left in your mag. It is better to throw the mag away or shoot the bullets in the air. Auto reload is a thing most players do. Try to remind yourself not to do that.


  • If you came to a village that hasn’t been looted and its mid to late game, close the doors behind you while you loot or look for a good hiding spot.The enemies will not expect you there if they see all the doors closed. But be careful, someone can use this tactic on you too.
  • The game has a timer of the zone and it also makes a noise periodically when the zone is about to start shrinking. There is also a line drawn that represents your position based on the zone.
  • The zone shrinking speed is based on the range that the safe zone is from the zone. In other words, if you are standing on the edge of the zone and the safe zone is in front of you, this is where the zone shrinks the slowest, I said that very bad, hopefully the picture will make more sense.
  • You can climb to almost any roof. The buildings with 2 or 3 stories are a bit harder to climb, but it can be done with time and experience.
  • The jump pad is very usefull and cheap to use (10 souls). Use it on every character that you play.
  • The zone is a sphere, not a cylinder. In the late game, when there are 3 or 4 players alive. Its better to keep low ground, since the zone will start shrinking on the top too. Keep that in mind when you reach late game.
  • You can look trough trees if you move very close to them.
  • You can cook grenades.
  • Your gun can be sticking trough the wall or door if you are to close to the terrain. Try not to do that.
  • If there is a gun with no ammo with it, the enemy has taken it.
  • USE traps and RITUALS ! Do not die while having 500 unspent souls
  • The game is about winning, not killing. You can win the game and kill only one person. Sometimes you wont even need to kill the last guys (its rare, but it happens). Remember, you are trying to survive, not to make a Rambo 9 movie. Play smart, not hard.
  • Use thrid person view to look around corners. Its a very powerful tool lots of smart players use.
  • When a ritual has been used you can see the exact location on a map.

Advanced Tips

In this section of the guide I will cover the more advanced tips as well as ritual usage and class usage. This is for players who know how to play the game and just need that little bit of an edge to start grinding that win rate.

Rituals & Traps

There is a lot of rituals and traps in this game, and some of them can be used in a very good way. The list of combinations and situations that a sign can be used for is too big so I will fit in those that i find useful.

  • Jump pad is too cheap not to use it. I pack it on every character. Too good to miss out on.
  • Placing traps is a skill that is hard to master, but the principle is to place them on high frequency locations. I always place traps on bodies, on places that has a lot of loot laying around, on fridges, on houses that have only one enterance, on slot machines, on camp fires.
  • Push trap can be a good tool to cover yourself from an angle you don’t keep an eye on.
  • A combination of Frag grenade /zombie trap and Quicksand trap is devastating. Draw them both on the same spot and watch the enemy struggling to walk out of it.
  • The optimal setup is, one defensive trap, one ritual and one offensive trap. Example: Jump pad (offensive), push trap (defensive), ritual of trembling hands.
  • You can draw a sign on the ceiling but it is very hard to get it activated.
  • When trapped in a house and you decide to stay in it, I tend to spam traps all over the place.
  • Traps make a noise when they are activated and the game notifies you what trap was activated.
  • You can disable traps and rituals by pressing “F”. You draw white paint over them and disable them.
  • Try to find the exact location of a ritual by zooming in your map as much as you can. It is very precise.
  • Ritual of elephant skin is very good if you want to counter someone running at you with a Uberpan with knee pads of speed.
  • Ritual of fast run combined with Uberpan is overpowered. Add knee pads to it and it is a overkill.
  • Ritual of trembling hands is mostly used if you have a Uberpan or when facing high fire rate weapons and you don’t have one.
  • Use ritual of fast run to give your friend you just ressurected a boost so he can get back to his loot faster.
  • In late game (3 to 5 players alive) I prefer using a zombie trap. I draw many of them and activate them. It’s not much, but it can help you find your enemy. Just keep in mind that the zombies attack you too.
  • The brown note makes all toilets on the map a teleport enterance / exit. It spawns you to a random toilet on the map (in the safe zone ofc). Be careful, you can be followed.
  • From my experience, some traps and rituals should be used with a character, for example: Annie is a gungirl, so there is a higher chance of you camping a good spot and not running around searching for a fight. Therefore, jump pad, river of life symbol and a defensive trap should be used. For Clyde, I always take trembling hands and draw it when I’m about to use my ability and go smack my enemies.
  • If you play duo or squads, try not to take the same signs as your mates. Talk, have a plan and take a variety of signs you can use to get an advantage.

Character Customization

You should customize every character based on his ability and your playstyle with him. The rules I follow preety simple. I need souls income, map / environment advantage and signs that are good with my playstyle. I also like to have a plan on what class will i be playing and if the guns and equipment are suitable for the class i want to play i almost always go with it. If i don’t get weapons and equipment needed for playing a certain class, i do not force playing that class. I adapt and go a different class.


Certain underwear grants you a special attribute. In most cases the attributes from the underwear are based on souls. The underwear is my soul income. Keep in mind that the numbers differ based on the underwear level (1 to 3). You can get:

  • 10 souls jumping with Seven league boots every 25 seconds
  • 12 souls for each minute spent in the match
  • 15 souls for every meal eaten (with this underwear you can eat meals even at full health)
  • additional souls for each kill
  • Reduced cost on your signs and ability
  • and much more but i can’t think of anything right now:D


Masks give you an attribute that i call, environment advantage. The numbers differ based on the mask level (1 to 3) Certain masks allow you to:

  • See aztec gold on a map (250m radius)
  • See slot machines on a map (250m radius)
  • Win more gold on slot machine jackpot (30% more)
  • Replace bombs from the slot machine with a jackpot
  • Spend less for a spin on the slot machine
  • See empty cars nearby

So to summarize it all. When you get used to a character and develop a certain playstyle, make sure to setup your underwear, masks, and signs based on your gameplan. Just remember, you will not always get to use it to full potential, so adaptation and overcoming obstacles is still necessary.

Advanced Tips

This will just be a list of more “advanced” tips you can use. These tips can also be usefull for newbies, but my suggestion is to first get some hours into the game and follow the “basic” tips mentioned in the guide. This way you will develop a muscle memory and it will be easier to add these next few tips to your game knowledge base.

  • The blue zone is preety dark and loud so sneaking on your enemy is much easier if you surf in the blue but there are a few things that can give away your position. The items that are easily spotted in the blue are, IV BAG, MEDIUM BAG, CUBAN CIGAR, the noise from SEVEN LEAGUE BOOTS, NIMBUS.
  • Use the beast ability if you have no food and need to recover some health. The health recovery is very low, but in some cases it can make the difference. Beast ability can also be used to cover large distances on the map.
  • If you have free space in your bag, you can pick up bullets from certain weapons that you dont have equipped. For example, if you aren’t playing with AKM, you can pick bullets so that your enemy has no use of the gun. I always pick bazooka rockets.
  • When walking on a hill, stick to one side of the hill. Do not walk on the top of the hill since you are easily spotted from both sides (left and right). Always walk only on one side.
  • Keep an eye out on shadows when you are walking under a hill facing your back to it.
  • Keep track on weapons that are being used in the game, that way you can prepare yourself for incoming mid to late game fights, and also utilize the “take the bullets” technique
  • The grenades can be thrown back using the “F” key.
  • When you are in first person (zooming in on a weapon) and you come back to third person, your camera man makes a lot of noise. When you hear a butterfly or a mosquito near you, that means someone just zoomed out of their weapon.
  • If you are in a house a floor under your enemy, watch the ceiling.. Dust falls of from it where your enemy is standing / walking.
  • MG stationaries can be destroyed with a melee attack or by shooting at them. Very usefull tip if you are under suppresion fire.

Duo and Squad Tips

  • You can revive your teammate in the church (L’eglise) at the altar.
  • Always leave some armor, a gun and some food to your mate when you revive them. I do that at the camp fire right before I’m about to revive.
  • When duoing / squading, try camping near the fire places.
  • There are a number of tactics u can use; baiting with the car driving around and honking. Sending one man to scout the next village while others cover him. ALWAYS have one mate covering you when you are about to cross a river or go to the next village. Covering fire, carrying bullets, food, equipment.
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