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Might is Right - How to Use Life Steal

Created by Sandebar   ::   Jan 14, 2020    

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How to use Vampirism to regain full Health for the next round.

Using the 'Wait' Command

If your mages decided to build their defence on the use of Vampirism, then it can be an interesting idea for them to use the 'Wait' command. Enemies will inflict as much damage to the mage as they can. After that, the mage with his attack will restore a lot of Health, and ideally, they begin the next round either completely healthy or having just a scratch.

Not only the mage has Vampirism talents, but also the Sentries and Archers. Also in the game, there are some items with Vampirism. But due to the fact that the mage attacks all targets at once, even 10% Vampirism is very effective.

Created by Sandebar.